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After watching Monday night's episode of Gotham, "The Last Laugh" Cameron Monaghan's Jerome seems to have had the last laugh that's for sure. But it seems that the joke is on us because now the citizens of Gotham are left with the infamous laugh we all know from the one and only Joker. In season 1, it was teased that Jerome could be the younger version of the Joker based on his personality and the path he was following on becoming a full-on villain. In season 2, we see him become the murderous leader of the Maniax that causes heinous crimes throughout the city.

Three episodes in and we've already had to say goodbye to Jerome. Monaghan's take on "the Joker" was starting to grow on me but regardless of that, it seems that we have another mystery on our hands. The Joker doesn't seem to a single person as we all thought in Gotham but instead seems to be an ideology. A way of living, let's say. How you ask? Jerome as we saw at the beginning of season 2 is free, not following the rules the world has set. He has no restrictions to what he does, no care. Jerome wants to see chaos as he is an agent of chaos in the pre-Batman world just as the Joker is the agent of chaos we know in the both the comic and the movies.

At the end of episode, we see that Jerome is dead by the hands of none other than his jailbreaker - Theo Galavan (James Frain) - who stabbed him in the throat. From that, everyone would think it is the end but it's not over because the city of Gotham was having the last laugh. We see deranged young men, laughing manically, which seem to have been inspired by none other than Jerome. We see young men murdering with no care. They seem have a new way of life after watching Jerome's stunts. At SDCC this year, Gotham's executive producer's teased that the Joker is an ideology not a single person. Monaghan said in an interview, “It’s less of a he and more of an idea. It’s not about a man. It’s about the ideology of a man and what that represents and how it affects other people.” So the fall of Jerome not only gives rise to a new Joker but to a new way of living. A way of life where everyone is free, no restrictions, and no rules to follow.

“You will be a curse upon Gotham. Children will wake from sleep screaming at the thought of you. Your legacy will be death and madness.”

Bravo, Gotham. Bravo.


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