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Starting in 2016 we will see DC Comics blossom into the movie world even more than we've ever imagined! So, here are some beloved heroes that we need to see on the big screen!

Red Hood

The Red Hood is one of the best mercenaries in the DC Universe by far, being Batman's former sidekick Jason Todd knows almost everything there is to know about fighting, whether it be offensive or defensive. After being beaten to death by the Joker himself, Jason was resurrected thanks to Ra's al Ghul and his lazarus pit. After being brought back to life he swore revenge on the clown prince of crime.


Dick Grayson is the high flying, death defying vigilante called Nightwing. Being the first Robin, Dick fought along side the Dark Knight until he felt that he was old enough and mature enough to be his own hero. So he moved to Bludhaven and became Nightwing! Eventually, Dick moved back to Gotham after Bruce Wayne passed away, soon after that he took on the mantle of Batman!

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen is a billionaire playboy turned vigilante, and he calls himself the Green Arrow. After falling out of a boat in the middle of the ocean Oliver washed up onto the shore of Starfish Island. While on the island he fought for his life using only a bow. Eventually Oliver made it home and watched over Star City going by a name that was given to him by the press.


Carter Hall is an archaeologist and museum curator who lives out his destiny as a reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian prince Khufu using magic weaponry.

Doctor Fate

Kent Nelson is Doctor Fate, a powerful sorcerer and agent for the Lords of Order. His amulet, cloak and helmet are creations of the ancient Nabu who acts as his mentor and spiritual guide. He is also a founding member of the Justice Society of America.


Which one of these heroes do you want to see the most?


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