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im sara a horror movie lover i post articles mostly about fan art horror movies all that junk
Sara Ware

5. Laid to Rest this 2009 Horror thriller i very much recommend! but don't watch it alone or chromeskull will get you! you can watch it right now on hulu.

4. Chasing The devil This 2014 Horror movie is about Satan Himself it will scare the living sh**it out of you i swear! you can watch it right now on hulu.

3. House of 1000 Corpses this one is one of my favorites! this rob zombie masterpiece will scare you to death if you haven't already seen it you must watch a horror masterpiece!!.

2. Starry Eyes this is also one of my favorites this 2014 horror shocker film if you love gory and disturbing films this is the one to watch!! it will go great with the Halloween spirit.

1. American mary this is my all time favorite movie this is a master piece i like to call it if you have not seen it you must! the woman always gets last revenge! this is a must for Hallween!!!!


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