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Many posts here say that Travis finally get to know that the world has turned to be cruel now, so he figures out that he should go with the flow, and he did. But, in my concern it's too early for him to get to the level of anger (Punching the hell out of the soldier) which Rick comes to get after a long time, in a long span of seasons. I mean, hey! A punch should have been Okay, but he's turned into Rick in the very first season. I expect a lot anger and danger from Daniel, probably even more than Travis. Well, if the one punching the soldier was Daniel that would be a lot better, because he's the type of character which fits right to the moment (Because he's been into wars and Travis is only a school teacher, man!) But as Travis turns out to be the lead character, he deserves it.

Well, nevertheless, I enjoyed the first season, and most of all the season finale for which I was really anxious.

Expect a lot from Season 2.


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