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Kaitlin Parker

Okay, so just a small paragraph of something I feel could continue. Enjoy!

We enjoy each other; we like each other. The way he looks at me while I undress and walk towards him. The way he undresses as I sit on his lap. I kiss him on the forehead as he shivers. His hands run down my back, it tickles. I want more. I need more. I slide my hand down his back, I know he likes it. I am kissing him passionately; my hand makes its way down the side of the bed. I feel the tip of it. I grab hold; I know we are going to have fun. He loves the way it touches me and I love the way it touches me. Today is my turn and I have never been so excited about it. It tickles his back, making its way down. He is ready for something he hasn’t experienced before. I pull it away, teasing him. He laughs a little pretending to reach for it. Missing on purpose, he places his hand on my back. It’s coming. That moment is here. It’s inserted into him, he screams in pleasure. He wants more, I pull it out and insert it back in. His eyes are rolling to the back of his head, he loves it. I feel the wetness, it’s so easy. I do it again and again. I’m in love. The blood gushes out, I pull the knife away. I look at him. He is dying in front of me. I look at my scars, they will never leave me. He did this to me so I had to do it back. I wasn’t meant to kill however he wasn’t meant to have met me either.


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