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Doctor Who is one of BBC's longest running series and one of my favorite BBC programs - the other being Sherlock of course! The series has gained literally millions of fans over the years, a ton of which express their love for the show via the internet. And you know you've made it big when there's an entire Tumblr fandom devoted to you!

But as loved as the show is, it seems that it's a little less loved than before. According to a report, Doctor Who's viewership has fallen to about under 4 million! This "crisis period" has caused fans and the creators of the show to worry about its future.

Could the end of Doctor Who really be coming soon? Many have speculated that the series wouldn't have many seasons left, but personally, it's hard to imagine a world without the charming Doctor and his companions saving the universe! While there's been absolutely no confirmation of a cancellation of the series (thank goodness!), fans might be seeing the Doctor in a whole new light come 2016.

Apparently, some changes are being made behind the scenes that could completely change Doctor Who forever! It's all just rumors for now, with nothing being denied and confirmed. But should they turn out to be true, things will definitely be shaken up for the dear old Doctor. Since it's my job (and life mission) to keep you informed, here are 3 big changes possibly coming to Doctor Who next year!

1. Nothing But Specials!

The Doctor Who specials are always awesome right? My personal favorite is 'The Day Of The Doctor', featuring my two favorite incarnations of the Doctor, Matt Smith and David Tennant! Well it's a good thing we love the specials in all their awesomeness, because if the rumors are true, that's ALL we'll be getting next year!

Following the news of ratings and viewership declining, it's being reported that BBC and Steven Moffat are considering scrapping the Doctor Who series, and replacing it with feature-length specials. So instead of episodes on a weekly basis, we'd be getting specials aired in sort of the same way Sherlock episodes air- WHICH IS MADNESS!

I love Sherlock, but I hate having to wait too long! Sherlock season 3 ended in February of 2014. You know when season 4 is coming out? Sometime in late 2016 or early 2017! That's a two to three year gap between seasons!

BBC, please don't make me wait so long for two amazing shows- it's already exceedingly difficult being patient for one! I will watch episodes on repeat all day long everyday if it brings your ratings up, just please don't limit my DW experience!

2. Capaldi Out, Robb Stark In?!

Another tragic Doctor Who rumor is that Peter Capaldi, who portrays the twelfth and current incarnation of the Doctor, is retiring from the show. That's right, we just lost our beloved Clara Oswald- portrayed by Jenna Coleman- and now it looks like we'll be losing our current Doctor as well.

As sad as this is, there is a light at the end of this dark rumor tunnel. It's being reported that Richard Madden is at the top of the list of potential new Doctors! Madden is best known for his role as Robb Stark on Game of Thrones- his wedding episode was quite the riot!

I think Richard Madden would be a great Doctor if given the chance. His incarnation of the character would probably be a young, kind of reckless version- which would be quite the contrast to Capaldi's take on the character. My only wish is that if they do choose him, they let him go peacefully when it's time for the Doctor to be resurrected. Game of Thrones already gave him the gruesome death, I don't think he needs another one...

3. Capaldi's Out, A FEMALE Doctor Is In?!!

Don't know who this cosplayer is but she's awesome!
Don't know who this cosplayer is but she's awesome!

Here comes the controversy! Reportedly, a female Doctor is being considered for next year's incarnation! The idea of a female Doctor has been a touchy topic for a long time. Some are for it, and others are against it. Personally, I'm all for a female Doctor, and I find the argument against it to be kind of ridiculous.

After all, the Doctor has never done anything that a female couldn't do, and it's been explained time and time again that the Doctor is a being that can resurrect into literally any living thing. If the universe decided that the Doctor needs to come back as a frog, it could happen- Frogtor Who could be a thing. Get it? DO YOU GET IT?!

I think a female Doctor could be a great thing, especially if they pick the right lady for the job! I could see any of these talented women as the next Doctor:

Emma Watson

Hermione Granger would kill it as the next Doctor! She's smart, talented and is a veteran of the bizarre world- so the sci-fi aspect of Doctor Who wouldn't phase her at all! Plus, a Sonic Screwdriver is sort of like a that it's infinitely more useful than anything in the real world.

Her Doctor would probably be an intelligent, by the books type of character. Which means that she'd probably need a companion who has a completely opposite personality, for comedic relief of course. Rupert Grint, anyone?

Hayley Atwell

Marvel fans know this name like the back of their hand! Hayley Atwell solved crimes and took out criminals as the titular character on Agent Carter- and will continue to do so when season 2 premieres next year!

When Atwell expressed interest in the BBC series, Doctor Who and Agent Carter fans alike supported her! As well as begged Steven Moffat to give her the role (I'm still sending him letters). Atwell would be a great Doctor. She's proven in her Marvel series that she can be smart and strategic, all the while kicking butt and taking names- just like the Doctor! Her version of the character definitely wouldn't be afraid to tussle with an army of Daleks!

Dame Maggie Smith

When you're fancy enough to have the title of Dame, you could audition for practically anything- and Dame Maggie Smith should absolutely audition for the next Doctor!

Maggie has proven time and time again that she's a phenomenal actor, and her incarnation of the Doctor would just be another spectacular credit on her belt! I'd imagine- and hope- that her incarnation of the Doctor would be a lot like her role in the Harry Potter series as Professor Minerva McGonagall.

She'd be smart, proper and wise. But she also wouldn't take crap from anybody, and be able to handle her own when the universe needs rescuing!

So those are the three biggest things possibly coming to Doctor Who after season 9! Now remember, these are all just rumors for now. But if it any of it turns out to be true, how would you feel about it?

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