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Hello everyone! Today I'm going to tell you my theory about how Thanos will get all the Infinity Stones. Let's begin:

Until now, we've known about four Gems: The Tesseract (space gem), Aether (reality gem), Orb (power gem) and Loki's Scepter (mind gem).

Let's begin with the Tesseract

Look at this video and listen closely to what is said between 0:39-0:50

"Why not keep it secure on your home world?"

"The Tesseract is already on Asgard, it is not wise to keep two Infinity Stones so close together."

So from that scene about the Tesseract in Asgard, we can assume that Thanos can come to Asgard and take it. However, the Asgardian army and Odin himself will fight Thanos. I'm sure Thanos is smart enough to take the Tesseract from them by getting a certain someone to give him the Tesseract. If only there was someone who could do this... Oh wait! Their is someone:

Odin turns into:
Odin turns into:

In Thor 2, we can see that Loki pretends to be Odin (we don't know what happened to Odin yet, but maybe he is resting like he was in Thor). We know that Thanos gave Loki the Scepter because he wanted Loki to get the Tesseract, but Loki disappointed Thanos when he didn't bring him the Tesseract. He also lost the Scepter that had another Infinity Stone. So, we know how Loki can help Thanos and I'm sure he will do his job.

Now let's move to the Aether

We learned from the last video that the Collector has known of the Aether and wants to get all of the Infinity Gems himself. But in Guardians of the Galaxy, there is a big explosion within his collection and almost all his collections get destroyed or freed.

Maybe the Aether is still in the collection. After all, it is an Infinity Gem. I don't think that explosion could destroy it. So, if the aether is still with the Collector, Thanos could do something for the Collector and get the Aether in return. Either that, or he can just kill the Collector and claim the Gem.

Now let's talk about the Orb:

So we know in Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan was needed to bring Thanos the Orb. But then he decided to use it himself to destroy Xandar and Thanos before the Guardians of the Galaxy stopped him. The Orb is now in Xandar.

The Nova Corps are protecting the Orb, but Thanos is a very powerful being and I think he can beat the Nova Corps easily; especially if he will use the power of other Infinity Gems. Maybe there is someone in the Nova Corps that will help (Nova?), but I don't think so...

The Scepter

So Thanos already had the Mind Gem because he gave it to Loki in the form of the Scepter, but Loki lost it. S.H.I.E.L.D. had the Scepter and then Hydra stole it. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron used the Scepter. To be more precise, he used the Infinity Stone that was there to create Vision. So now the Mind Gem is in Vision's head.

I think that Thanos will get all the Infinity Gems except the Mind Gem, so he will need to come to earth. Then he will need to fight the Avengers to get the Mind Gem. I'm sure that he will get it, and this could also kill Vision.

So now we know how Thanos (maybe) will get the Infinity Gems. But wait, there are six Infinity Gems, and I'm sure the MCU didn't decide to create just four Infinity Gems. The Collector even says that he needs to get five more Infinity Gems when he gets his hands on one. So the question is:


Sorry that the colors of the Gems aren't match
Sorry that the colors of the Gems aren't match

The Soul Gem and The Time Gem are going to be in the next MCU movies. I know that it was obvious to you (even in the start of the article) and I didn't think of something new here, but now I'm going to do just that...

1. In which movie are we going to see the two last Infinity Gems? The two most likely movies are Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Thor: Ragnarok. These are the movies that have magic and space within them, and they also introduced us to new stones in Guardians of the Galaxy and previous Thor movies. I'm personally thinking that Doctor Strange could also show the Infinity Gems.

2. How we are going to know that the thing in the movie is an Infinity Gem? Firstly, it will have powers that are similar to the power of the Gems. For example, the Scepter had the power to control people's mind because it had the Mind Gem. Secondly, they might already show that it is an Infinity Gem because characters in Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor already know about the Infinity Gems. Thirdly, what is the name of the item they are going to be introduced to? Now you're asking, "But how can we know that an item is an Infinity Gem just by its name?" Well, let's find out!

Look at this picture. Notice anything interesting?

The items are arranged in the order of the time they were introduced as Infinity Gems: The Tesseract in Avengers, Aether in Thor 2, the Orb in Guardians of the Galaxy and Scepter in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). And if we use the first letter of the items in this order, we get...

Now, let me get things clear. Are the two Infinity Gems already in MCU movies because they came between the first Gems? No. It's in this order to make you see in an easier way. Although "Thanos" having the same number of letters as there are Infinity Gems could definitely be a coincidence, the fact there are already four Gems with Thanos's name on them isn't a coincidence. The MCU is always doing things in interesting way.

So here you have it, I told you my theory and even advice on how to find the two last Infinity Gems. Thank you for reading! I hope you liked the article, and if you liked it please click the "Follow" button. Bye!


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