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I'm obsseseed with the series Heroes, and eight month ago ( Febuary) The released the super bowl trailer, I freaked out, an researched everything I could. When Claire died during the "EVO attack" (Prima-tech / Renuatas)

People all around the globe are in shock by this news, but if you are obssesive like me, you would know the facts and plot hole solutions.

1. Claire has a weakspot...

drawing of Claire Bennet Season One
drawing of Claire Bennet Season One

Yes all of us know, it was explained in the first couple episodes of the first season in the original series, ( Heroes) So it is possible for her to die

They can just take out the shrapnel or what ever got through that part in her head. The truth is the part can be stuck, making it impossible to pull the object out without damaging that vital part.

2. We don't know yet!!!!

This part is proving she is alive

It was not clear if claire had died, in the second episode it shows a chart of EVO's, not only was Molly Walker missing, but so was Claire Bennet, there was an unknown location symbol in the corner where it specified Molly Walkers staus.

3. The Plan?!

I don't even know what the plan is, all we know is that the human race faces extinction. The plan was up and running we know the haitian and Molly walker both were involved, even though the Haitian died at the end of the first episode. Molly Walkers future is not solved, she is currently in the place of "Epic Glasses" Which locate all the EVOs using her power ( The ability to find anyone)

But all we know is what we know for now. There are still 10 episodes left.

4. The accident! (Tommy Clarke)

We see tommy and his mother's car get hit by another. This was a cliff hanger. We know he survives, becuase of trailers and the credit scene, but his mom wasn't there. All we know, she could've died or she could've been captured.

(But who would capture her?)

We have ten episodes to find out.

5. My thoughts on Tommy's power

In the trailer it shows tommy walking around in the ice cream parlor, everything is frozen around him, there is two solutions.

a. Hiro nakimora

b. Tommy has the ability to break time and space. As we see, tommy can transport his body from one place to another ep.3. Ths means he can bens space, does this mean he can bend time? we have another epsisode to find out.

6. Malina

It's confusing what her power is, even up to ep.3 from the trailer it shows her doing something to soilders, but if it's telekenisis whats with the storms?


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