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This quote comes from an article published on June 1st, 1998, from Gamespot:

Valve LLC announced last week that it had acquired the Australian developer TF Software Pty. Ltd., the creators of Team Fortress, perhaps the most popular team-oriented multiplayer module for Quake available over the Internet.

The subsequent Team Fortress 2 that Valve promised to release was due to follow this hugely successful online game. But of course, as we all know, Team Fortress 2 wasn't released anytime soon. In fact, it took exactly 3,417 days before the world was able to enjoy the release date of Team Fortress 2. That is over 9 crazy years. Well, a few days ago, this record was beaten by none other than Half-Life 3. Even in its absence it's achieving!

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2

Has Team Fortress 2 Given Hope to the Release of Half-Life 3?

"After Orange Box we have to get Episode 3 out. We know how the trilogy ends and there are a bunch of loose ends and narrative arcs that need to come to a conclusion in Episode 3, so that's going to be a big focus for us" - Gabe Newell

Ahh, the days when we though that Half-Life 3 was just around the corner. However, recent news surrounding this third episode has been horribly negative. Allegedly, Valve aren't interested in releasing the title in any capacity! But hasn't the fact that Team Fortress 2 took 9 years to complete given you a sliver of hope? Valve have apparently finished huge chunks of Half-Life 3. They're just not ready to complete or unleash it upon the world.


The strange thing is that Gabe Newell and Valve were totally ready to release Half-Life 3 prior to The Orange Box. Their shift from singleplayer, linear experiences, to the land of multiplayer has transformed the developer entirely. They much prefer the interactions they have with their online fans and with all of the money they rake in from micro-transactions in just three games, can you blame them for not wanting to give Half-Life 3 its release date?


Is It Time To Give Up On A Release Date?

We'd all love to think that Half-Life is still returning and that our dreams will be realised in a masterpiece for next gen. But the reality seems to be quite different. It feels like it's time to set the possibility of Half-Life 3 aside and realise that we're not going to see it for another few years, if at all. But where do you stand? Do you think there's hope? Let us know in the comments!


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