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Let's face it, we all choked-up during the finale of The Flash Season 1, which left us on the precipice of the unknown, with Eobard Thawne (in the form of Harrison Wells) erased from existence after the heroic suicide of his ancestor, Eddie Thawne.

We also can't ignore the heartbreaking moment where Barry Allen (a.k.a. 'The Flash') went back in time, only to watch Eobard (a.k.a. 'Reverse Flash') murder his mother. Barry, now fifteen years older than his childhood self -- and of course dressed as his alternate persona, the Flash (who doesn't exist yet) -- bends over his dying mother and finally has his chance to say goodbye.

Barry then went back to the future, through the artificial wormhole, in time to stop Eobard from returning to the ever-more-distant-future. Furious, Eobard attacked him, only to be erased from existence when Eddie shot himself.

Oh yeah, also Caitlin and Ronnie got married, and Cisco was told he was a meta-human.

Okay, breathe, we got there...

So now, with Season 2 on the horizon and Season 1 having finished in an array of "what ifs," let's go through what could happen and what we can expect in the upcoming season!

1. Killer Frost

  • That's right, after traveling beyond mark-two, Barry saw into the speed force, allowing him to simultaneously view his past and future. At this point we clearly see Killer Frost, Caitlin's previously unseen super-villain identity.
  • Hopefully this hints at a huge transformation in Caitlin's character, but the question is, was Barry observing an alternate universe in which Caitlin is Killer Frost, or the future in which she becomes the metahuman ice-queen?
  • What's certain is that if Caitlin is destined to become Killer Frost, then the polar opposition between her and her now-husband Ronnie (a.k.a. half of 'Firestorm') would be truly fantastic.

2. Cisco as a metahuman

  • In contrast to the subtle image of Killer Frost, Cisco's status as a metahuman was by no means a suggestion when Wells outright stated it. This short scene built upon previous episodes in which Cisco appeared to 'remember' things from an alternate timeline.
  • This of course leads directly to the spinoff series Legends of Tomorrow, which supposedly will involve alternate universes and timelines.
  • Fans of the comic books will already be aware of Cisco's story and superhero alter-ego, 'The Vibe,' who has the power to influence vibrations. Clearly the finale of The Flash foreshadowed his future status as a superhero; personally, I can't wait to see him out of the lab, fighting alongside The Flash!

3. The introduction of Jay Garrick, the first Flash!

  • Surely no-one could have missed the helmet of the first Flash, Jay Garrick, arriving through the singularity. We don't have to guess what this alludes to, as it was certainly the most overt of the references included in The Flash's finale. Fortunately we don't have to, as Teddy Sears has already been seen on set, geared-up as the Jay Garrick Flash.
  • Rumors are that Garrick arrives to warn Barry of imminent danger, but 'who' and 'what' are still very much a mystery. It has been speculated that the threat is 'Zoom,' but with DC having lined up other mystery antagonists, it's very possible that the true threat continues to lurk in the shadows.
  • It's unclear whether Garrick will remain only for the premiere episode of Season 2, or if he'll become a recurring character in the series, but we don't have long to wait!

4. Zoom

  • What more needs to be said other than "Zoom is coming"? Zoom, of course, has the power to slow time, giving the impression of his moving incredibly fast, and this supposedly makes him faster than Flash or Reverse Flash.
  • Besides the fact that he's coming, DC has been reluctant to reveal any additional information; based on Zoom's comic book backstory, some fans have suggested that Zoom will be one of The Flash's former allies, betrayed and granted superhuman abilities. However, there are few characters who fit this description, other than the presumably dead Eddie Thawne.
  • It seems we'll have to wait for the premiere to see how and when Zoom is introduced.

5. The Flash Incarcerated

  • As usual, we can only speculate about what the upcoming season has in store for us; but while viewing the speed force, Barry can been seen in a prison jumpsuit.
  • So this means that Barry will either find himself incarcerated or we were viewing an alternate timeline. Either way, it's likely that the harrowing image of The Flash behind bars will hold some significance in the season to come, even if only to show that even The Flash must pay for his crimes.
  • So are we looking at Barry Allen who has emancipated himself, or will The Flash soon find himself powerless and vulnerable?

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