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Acheya Wachtel

Every party needs a group to make it the best party in town. So, I thought, who would throw the best party ever? The results were fairly existential:

1. Space

Every great party has to have some one who knows where to start one. Space understands the need for the right place for the right party. Whether it is an abandoned warehouse for a rave, a grandiose, upper-class estate house for fine wine and cheeses, or a quaint cottage for a relaxing Christmas dinner, Space's advanced mathematical skills and natural sense of area can always assure just enough space for the party.

2. Time

Parties typically don't know when to end. Some say the best parties never end. Alas, no party can go on forever. That being said, you need to know how to make it last. Time keeps the party from flying by. From when those doors open, to when the last person leaves (or passes out). No one needs to wait for the drinks to be refilled, the music to be started, or the main event to begin. Slowing down for no one, Time is always ahead of the wait.

3. Knowledge

Every party needs some flair. Something that makes it the talk of the town. Knowledge will make this a party no one will forget. Knowledge has an extensive library of music, recipes, games, and anything any memorable party needs. Sporting an iPod with songs from the poppiest pop music currently on the radio to the do-wop of the 60s, Knowledge can match music to an occasion instantly. Using a tablet, finding the perfect appetizer, snack, or main course is a piece of cake. Knowledge also owns a computer with subscriptions to every video streaming service, so every fan of ever genre can enjoy their favorite movie. Knowledge would make this a party you'll always remember.

4. Life

Every party has to have an instigator to get all the other party goers in the mood. Someone to just get on the floor and move it. Life isn't shy from the exposure. In fact, Life is always the first to get the party started. Life never seems to get tired and, while being the first to start, is always the last to leave. Life isn't part of the party. Life IS the party.

5. Unknown

Amidst all of the other guests, there is typically that no one thinks of, and that is the host. The one who makes it all happen is usually the one no sees again until the end. Unknown has always shown a knack for getting to people to come to his parties who usually would never come any parties. Very subtly, Unknown how to get people in the doors, and how to get them to stay. The guests never seem to know why they decided to stay, or who invited them, but they always recognize the name Unknown. Even though Unknown rarely gets to be apart of the party, Unknown know his work is eventually appreciated.


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