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64 years ago, a young actress named Kathryn Beaumont voiced the character of Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan's Wendy Darling. In 1951, Beaumont was only ten years old at the time of Alice's creation, however Walt Disney was so taken with her beauty that he chose her as the model of Alice, too.

The series of images below and concluding behind-the-scenes video interview with Kathryn illustrate the amount of work put into classical animation. Apparently the Disney artists at the time were able to produce only 23-24 seconds of animation per week!

Scroll down to reveal true Disney magic being created!

A table upon a moving platform were the props used to recreate Alice's ocean of tears scene.

Balancing on a seesaw to play flamingo croquet.

Katherine was named a “Disney Legend” by the Walt Disney Company in 1998. After voicing Alice, she went on to teach in an elementary school, a career which spanned 30 years.

Check out more behind-the-scenes in the video below:

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