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When Barbie isn't getting her period, being culturally diverse and inspiring interesting Ukrainian look-a-likes, it turns out she's quite the fashionista. Disney Princess-esque Barbie lovers prepare, as gone are the days of pink pompoms, full skirted ball gowns and truck loads of glitter, there's a new, hipper chick in town. One that's got this contemporary street-style shizz nailed...

1. She's got a sly undercut and bold make-up game

2. She has room service on speed dial

3. She knows how to bring the fancy to magazine launch parties

5. She has a little... je nais c'est quoi

6. She certainly isn't afraid to drop serious $$$ for a Hermés Birkin bag (fashion, darling)

7. She knows that working at Vogue calls for head-to-toe red velour

8. She unabashedly claims that Sully from Monsters Inc. is one of her style icons

9. She can the knees?

10. She certainly doesn't take her own selfies

11. And she knows that, obviously, a miniature pooch is the must have accessory this season

Follow more of Barbie's fashionable moves over on her Instagram page.

Source: Instagram


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