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Some of the men who read Men's Health magazine need to chill. While the majority of folks are completely okay with Ronda Rousey getting a cover shoot from the popular publication, there's a vocal minority that is completely not down. The fact that a lot of these guys could probably get wrecked by Ronda needs to be highlighted.

Also, who really cares if she's the first woman to ever don the cover? I think that's groundbreaking and awesome as hell. Sounds perfectly fine with me. But I'm not a subscriber so I wouldn't know.

Check out the badass photo below:

Check out this Facebook post about it from Australian Men's Fitness

Some of the men (and women... women can read Men's Health too!) were cool with it...

Others didn't really think that it was appropriate for a men's health magazine to have a woman on the cover

A lot of people just said she's a man anyway, which is... lame at best


The argument that "if a man was on a women's magazine this wouldn't be greeted as warmly" is lame. Everyone knows that almost nobody would care if a man was on a woman's magazine. The double standard is too real.

Rather, I think the story that needs to be addressed here is that men who feel imposed upon need to take a look inside and think more-so about why they feel that way. They're a little bit too protective, in my opinion, of something that doesn't really matter.

Ronda Rousey will continue to kill it, and if any of these haters wants to step into the ring with her, I'm sure she'll gladly knock them the f*ck out.

Don't forget she won a fight (by knockout) in 34 seconds, recently.

(Via: BuzzFeed)


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