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Leonardo and Scorsese are at it again, and this time with a film called Devil in the White City, which follows the horrific tale about one of America's most gruesome serial killers named H. H. Holmes.

Considered America's first serial killer, Herman Mudgett, or Holmes opened a hotel with the sole purpose of hiding his murders. He first became obsessed with death when bullies forced him into a closet with a real life skeleton. He would then dissect animals to observe their insides.

His first murder was an ex-classmate of his who he caused to overdose on laudanum (an alcoholic solution containing opium properties) in order to collect his insurance money. From there, Holmes confessed to killing 27 people, but only nine were confirmed. Rumor has it that he has really killed close to 200 victims.

Earlier this year, H.H. Holmes very own grandson Jeff Mudgett spoke at a TEDx event in which he discussed his reasoning that his great-great-grandfather Holmes had actually moved to London and became the notorious Jack the Ripper.

While it seems farfetched, Jeff speaks for twenty minutes grasping at straws to compare Holmes and Jack's faces, handwriting, and the fact that the two killers were doctors.

Watch the video and decide for yourself:

I personally don't think it holds up at all. The faces don't look alike at all, the Rs are incredibly different in the two letters, and I highly doubt that a high profile serial killer would move to another country and be incredibly obvious about his doings.

Not to mention Holmes was hanged in 1986 at the Moyamensing Prison, so I suppose that solves that, now doesn't it?

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