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I find it absolutely mind-blowing when I stumble upon a cosplayer who seamlessly transitions into a character. And then with a little help of a wig, makeup, and costume, they completely disappear into a completely different person.

It's as if I'm looking at two, three, four different people!

One such cosplayer is Helen-Stifler, who can pull off any wig color, has multiple colored contacts, and she has a gorgeous figure that can rock any costume, from bikinis to full on princess dresses. Check out just how many characters this stunner can do!

1. Jessica Rabbit

The rabbit responsible for everyone having a thing for redheads.

2. Tinkerbell

Clap your hands if you believe.

3. 2D from Gorillaz

He's got us feeling good.

4. Rapunzel

We're entangled with this cute cosplay. Anybody notice those adorable splash of freckles on her nose?

5. Naruto

This female version even contains those adorable whiskers Naruto has!

6. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

She looks like she's ready for a whole new world!

7. Harley Quinn

Harley looks gorgeous, even when troublesome.

8. Asuka Langley Soryu

Don't be fooled by the cuteness; Asuka is a highly skilled pilot, and is very aggressive and confident in battle.

9. Frodo

He sure puts the fellow in "Fellowship."

10. Wednesday Addams

She doesn't smile - that's because she's got a hole where her heart should be.

11. R from Warm Bodies

How is Helen-Stifler able to transform into a sexy zombie man?!

Whether it be male, female, fairy, fighter, or princess, Helen-Stifler sure knows how to put together a sick cosplay outfit and completely disappear into a character. She also captures the character with her perfect pose and facial expression.

She is inspiring me massively for Halloween. Now if only I can figure out just who I want to dress up as...

[Source: imgur, Deviant Art]


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