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We always knew things would be difficult for Steroline in The Vampire Diaries Season 7 after Caroline's mother's death, but now it seems like a blast from Stefan's past will be making things even harder for the couple.

In a recent interview with Just Jared, Paul Wesley explained that Steroline will be the season's biggest romance but that things won't exactly be easy for them, he said:

Now that Elena is gone, that is sort of the romance story of season seven. Well, there’s another chick that comes into Stefan’s life that creates a bit of a divide. Someone from his past. He’s got eyes on Caroline, but someone from his past…
Who will be the mystery challenge to Steroline?
Who will be the mystery challenge to Steroline?

While this mysterious woman will obviously prove to be a problem, Caroline's issues will also feature heavily in the pairs' relationship difficulties. Candice Accola explained that:

She’s still mourning the death of her mother. She made it very clear to Stefan that she needed time for herself, which I loved. So she’s still in that mode of self-discovery when we come back into season seven, but now she’s just finding it harder to resist Stefan waiting around for her

The way that the star-crossed lovers feel about each other won't be immediately clear in the new season either, Accola added that:

There are conversations that do need to happen. Some conversations are definitely put on the back burner…It’s kind of like that morning after, like, ‘Hey, so we’re cool, right? We can be friends.’ We’re going to see them tip-toe and kind of do that friendship dance for a minute.

The Vampire Diaries premieres on Thursday, October 8 @ 8PM on The CW!

(Source: Just Jared)


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