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Prepare yourself, because you're about to see maximum Chris Pratt cuteness!

Pratt recently shared an adorable throwback photo of himself at age 13, as a show of support for brother-in-law Bob Faris, on a TV report : Inside the Secret World of Teens. The CNN story, which aired on Monday night, explored how social media affects eighth graders.

The Jurassic World star also added, "So proud of my brother in law, friend and hunting partner Bob Faris for his involvement in this great project. Check it out!!"

Pratt wasn't the only celebrity to tweet throwback images in support of the CNN news report, with many famous faces, including wife Anna Faris also tweeting:

Angelica Huston and Anderson Cooper also jumped on board, sharing their own throwback imaged and support for the report:

This was me #Being13 Find out what it's like for today's 13 year olds online and off. Tonight 9pm on #cnn

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