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TV shows can't last forever. When the time comes there will have to be an end to Arrow, to The Flash, to Gotham. How to send them off is a great question. A last hooray, a crossover to end all crossovers. Three TV shows becoming one big team. A Justice League. A final TV show which sees a young Bruce Wayne join a team full of experienced heroes as a young hero.

Say in 4 years time, Arrow is in its 8th season where Oliver Queen has almost taken a back seat, Flash is in its 6th season and Gotham is also in its 6th season. So we know of the three heroes, batman, green arrow and flash but what about the others, superman, aqua man, green lantern, martian manhunter and wonder woman. Here are my castings for the founders of the Justice League

Superman- Tom Welling

Ok so yes Smallville ended up being dissapointing in the last few seasons but that doesn't take away from this man's skill. Due to bad costume design and plot he was forced to wreck the image of superman in Smallville but with producers such as Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kriesberg Tom Welling could be as good as Henry Cavill.

Batman- David Mazouz

Okay before you all shoot down this idea, we are looking 4 years into the future here. With a lot of working out and maturing, David Mazouz could become a fantastic young batman. Say he started being batman when he was 17 on the show and the justice league show is 5 years later. Now 22 (show age) and 18 in real life, with make up and a cowl he could easily look 25 which is what some people believe to be the age of the New 52 batman when he joins the JLA.

Green Lantern- Alex Pettyfer

The I am number four and Alex Rider actor could very easily play Green Lantern with the looks and skills to go about it. Maybe a hard choice with actors like Chris Pine coming to mind but to play a younger version younger than Grant Gustin's Barry Allen then Alex Pettyfer would easily be a great choice for the role

Martian Manhunter- Michael James Shaw

Listen to the first minute or so of this video. Michael James Shaw has this mysterious voice which would be perfect for martian manhunter. Probably not the best voice out there but he could do a seriously good job with the right script. The biggest problem will be his look.

Wonder Woman- Gina Carano

A martial artist with the acting ability and looks to be a perfect Wonder Woman. Until 'Dawn of Justice' comes out we won't have anything to compare her to but for now she looks like she could be a Wonder Woman probably better than Gal Gadot.

Aquaman- Alan Ritchson

Again from 'Smallville' aquaman was giving very little justice. The suit was horrible and he looked a bit young. 8 years later were saying imagine what he would look like then. 3 years late and he already more ripped and mature than he was back when 'Smallville' finished. I believe we give him another chance.

Arrow- Stephen Amell and Flash- Grant Gustin

Obvious choice really. They are already established and are just fine. No need to change these characters for any reason.

What do you think? Who would you cast? Who would be your Martian Manhunter?


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