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I know what you're doing right now, you're counting on your fingers. You're counting Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, and then you are pausing for a moment and going... four?

It's okay Coulson, we'll tell them.
It's okay Coulson, we'll tell them.

Well, yes, four is what I meant to say. Last month it was announced that the Agents of SHIELD spin-off working under the title "Marvel's Most Wanted" was back on, after being called off in early May when Agent Carter was renewed for a second season. Check out this cool post by Iqra B about it!

Basically, this show is set to center around Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) and her on-again-off-again lover, Lance Hunter. It's got a pilot order and knowing how much we love to watch Marvel, it's almost certain to get a full season order shortly after. Now, thinking about how this show was almost cancelled when Agent Carter was renewed, you would assume ABC had some trepidation about having more than two Marvel shows, but that clearly isn't the case, because they just announced a fourth!

I'm getting there Peggy!
I'm getting there Peggy!

That's right, Marvel and ABC are launching a sitcom, that's right, a sitcom, set in the Marvel Universe, and focusing on the clean-up crew of the Marvel World. The series is working under the title Damage Control. It is also on a pilot order, and is to be penned by Ben Karlin (The Daily Show, Modern Family). This show will no doubt heat up the already red-hot rivalry forming between the MCU and the DC Extended Universe, as DC announced just a month ago that NBC was developing Powerless, a mockumentary about what it is like to live in a world full of superheroes as a normal person working at an insurance company.

The real thing to remember is that, while I'm sure both of these shows will be MARVELous...

We know Cap... we know.
We know Cap... we know.

...ABC and Marvel are still going to have to be careful that they don't get caught out by the saturation factor. If you continue to put more and more shows on ABC and Netflix, will the majority of the fandom really be able to keep up with all of them? It's dangerous, but I have a feeling that going with a different genre in this new sitcom will really help Marvel reel different audiences into their TV world.

But I know what the real question is on everyone's minds: what will we see in this new show? It's a little strange to be speculating about two new shows that may well come out around the same time, but it just means double the speculation!

Most Wanted!

Swish and flick.
Swish and flick.

I can't wait to get the opportunity to see more of Bobbi Morse, as Adrianne Palicki has totally nailed her in Agents of SHIELD. Nick Blood as Lance Hunter has also been a brilliant addition to the team so far. My main question about this series is: "Why do they leave SHIELD?"

Of course the answer is, maybe they don't. Maybe the show will show them as head of a part of SHIELD or something, but I have to say it seems more likely that they will go freelance. After what happened to Bobbi at the end of Season 2, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw her deeply affected during Season 3, and then finally deciding to move on with Hunter by the finale. What can we expect to see from the show? Well, I've heard it being compared to Mr. and Mrs. Smith so far, and that kind of dynamic could really work well on television. I would also love to see Hawkeye (if he makes it through Civil War) popping up here, because he and Mockingbird have such a long history in the comics, and it would be a shame for them never to be together on-screen (even though he has a wife and kids and she has a... Hunter). The important thing is that this show will be another SHIELD type show, with missions and action, but not much by way of super powers. Indeed, Agents of SHIELD is slowly turning into the Inhumans show, so we may see Most Wanted turn away from that and go back to the way things were in the first season of SHIELD.

Damage Control!

While Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter and Most Wanted have all been spin-offs of the films and/or other TV shows, Damage Control is set in it's own part of the MCU, away from anything else we've seen. You can say that Agents of SHIELD was more about normal people living in a superhero world, but it isn't really, it's about super spies living in a super hero world. Damage Control is actually just average, everyday people, trying to deal with the fall-out of heroes' actions. Would you really want to live in a world with superheroes? This show will explore that, though in a comedic way. I can't wait to see who Marvel gets for this show, because it could be absolutely brilliant if done correctly. I could see some of the heroes introduced (especially on TV) being shown in this, although I think it's more likely that the damage control team will merely reference the Avengers and such.

The important thing to remember is that Marvel is slowly trying to catch up on DC with their TV portfolio, and with Jessica Jones and the rest of the Defenders slowly invading our beloved Netflix, surely Marvel is challenging?

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