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Steven Universe has pulled out all the stops recently, returning from the season 2 hiatus with a bang and flooding the fandom with enough plot exposition to last us well, until the next episode airs. After examining Connie's difficult relationship with her mother in Nightmare Hospital, and giving us plenty of adorable moments in Sadie's Song, the latest two episodes of Steven Universe dragged the story right back into serious plot territory. And are we in for some surprises!

Catch And Release documented Peridot's capture by the Crystal Gems, hinting that she might become and ally and maybe eventually part of the gang. If you didn't love Peridot before, it's impossible not to adore her after the latest episode, A Little Fall Of Rain. This featured and tiny and scared (and still snarky) Peridot befriended by Steven, as she revealed the true nature of the Cluster and why the Crystal Gems (not Clods) should be very concerned.

Barn Fun

Leaving the audience with plenty of burning questions, the Steven Universe creative team have released a sneak peak at the next episode, Back To The Barn...

So it seems that Pearl and the other Crystal Gems are not only trusting Peridot, but accepting her help in trying to get to the Cluster, incubating menacingly deep beneath the Earth's crust. It's going to be great to see Peridot work with the Gems - there's plenty of friction between them that is comedy gold, and Peridot's journey from villain to ally is a joy to see. Plus, she sparks off Pearl perfectly...

Peridot: "This is adequate, thank you, you can go now."
Pearl: "What?"
Peridot: "Um, that will be all... [to Steven] How do you get her to leave?"

While Back To The Barn will no doubt reveal the Crystal Gems' plan to stop the Cluster, it's unlikely we'll get another ton of exposition to move the plot along. This episode will probably deal with integrating Peridot even more, forwarding her character development and giving us hope that she can be redeemed.

I'm also willing to bet she'll clash with Pearl: both Peridot and Pearl like to be able to control things, and they'll both want to take the lead in planning this mission. This conflict could result in tears or hilarity or, in true Steven Universe style, a mix of both.

Will Peridot learn to step back and let Pearl take the lead? Or will they end up sparring for control? We can't wait to find out!

Gossipy Gems

After Back To The Barn, it's time for Amethyst and Steven to team up in Too Far. We don't have much information about this episode, but the summary has been released...

"Amethyst and Steven get in on some gem gossip."

This episode could be chill filler: Amethyst and Steven focused episodes can be hilarious, as their childish natures are the perfect recipe for chaos and/or fun. On the other hand, the Steven Universe team like to be deceptively low-key in their episode descriptions. When It Rains contained one of the biggest plot reveals so far, and yet the summary was "Steven helps a friend who is afraid of thunderstorms". On the surface, this seems very nondescript, and them we found out that there's a horrifying forced fusion of gem shards that's ready to devour the Earth. Um.

So "gem gossip" could mean anything from fun scandalous tidbits, to Amethyst and Steven learning something major about Homeworld. The Steven Universe writers do like to space out the plot reveals, as the fun character building episodes are the main bulk of the show. But with the Gems facing their biggest threat yet, we're definitely due some more information about Homeworld's plan of action. Plus how about the enigmatic and ominous Yellow Diamond?

Ranking above Jasper and seeming to hold a position of fearsome authority, Yellow Diamond has not appeared in the show yet but her presence is definitely felt. Peridot recently tried to contact her in Cry For Help, informing Yellow Diamond of the mission's progression and Peridot's plight.

"This is Peridot, transmitting on all frequencies from abandoned crystal system colony planet Earth. To Yellow Diamond, my mission has been compromised, my escort and informant are gone, and I am now stranded! Please send help!"

With Jasper and Lapis Lazuli trapped in a hate fusion under the sea, and Peridot now helping the Crystal Gems stop the Cluster, it's possible that Yellow Diamond herself will make an appearance soon, to ensure that Homeworld's weapon reaches fruition.

Could Too Far give us some information about who Yellow Diamond is, in order to set up her entrance into the show? It's possible. Or we'll just get Amethyst and Steven wrecking havoc in Beach City, which is also good.

If you just can't wait to get more gem info, the Steven Universe crew have released this cute short about how gems are made!

Back To The Barn airs October 8th on Cartoon Network, with Too Far following on the 18th. Be sure to check back here for all your recap needs!

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