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With Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake all featured in the wildly popular Arkham Knight game that came out this year, Batman's dysfunctional family is finally getting their time in the spotlight. But that's not all. His youngest son and his only biological one, Damian Wayne, was featured in two recent animated features: Son of Batman and Batman vs. Robin. At this point in the game, it's certainly not a stretch to imagine that the BatFamily, as they're dubbed by the fans, will be getting a turn on the big screen soon. This isn't even to mention all the rumors that have been circulating about different members of the family being featured next to Ben Affleck's Batman. But let's forget about those casting rumors for a moment, and choose who we'd like best in the roles.

1. Dick Grayson - Nightwing

Everyone's favorite pretty boy, Dick Grayson is the classic Robin. Introduced in the comics before Commissioner Gordon, the Joker, or even Alfred, Grayson has been there since the beginning. After his lengthy stint as Robin (He lasted the longest - Dick was still wearing the green panties in college!) he became Nightwing, a hero independent to Batman, although he's still one of the Dark Knight's most trusted allies. So who would play him best?

Matt Bomer has received critical acclaim for his roles in USA's White Collar as well as the TV movie The Normal Heart. If you've seen both of these, then you know he has the acting chops to portray Dick Grayson's unfailing humor and wisecracking attitude as well as the occasional seriousness that comes with being an ex-Robin. Also, his hair looks like it was drawn by Marcus To.

2. Barbara Gordon - Oracle

Barbara Gordon is every little girl's hero. Well, she was mine, anyway. The daughter of Commissioner Gordon and the original Batgirl, Babs is a literal genius - especially when it comes to computers - and she's a total badass to boot. She became Oracle after the Joker paralyzed her, but she's kicked more than a few butts from her wheelchair, too. As Oracle, she's Batman's eyes and ears, hacking into security equipment and dispatching backup from other heroes as needed.

We've seen Bryce Dallas Howard in a lot of stuff, from The Help to Terminator: Salvation as well as the more recent Jurassic World. That's the one that sold me on her as Barbara, as she played the logical, intellectual type really well, while still giving her character depth. Sure, she's already been in a superhero movie (Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3, anyone?) but who hasn't?

3. Jason Todd - The Red Hood

Every family needs a black sheep, and Jason Todd fits that role with practiced ease. The second Robin, Todd was killed at 15 when the Joker kidnapped him, beat him within an inch of his life with a crowbar, and blew up a warehouse with him in it. Of course, all of this happened in a comic book storyline, so he didn't stay dead for too long. When he came back, he was all kinds of pissed off to find out that the Joker was still alive and that Batman hadn't broken his no-killing policy to avenge him. Jason became an anti-hero known as the Red Hood, and has been alternating as an enemy and an ally to the Batfamily ever since.

Max Thieriot is someone I don't think I've ever seen attached to Jason Todd, but I think he'd be really great for the role. Jensen Ackles has been a lot of people's favorite choice to play Jason for a while, and with good reason - he voiced the Hood in the animated Batman: Under the Red Hood movie, and he did it well. But he's getting older, and Jason's meant to be between 19 and 22. Max Thieriot, on the other hand, is a versatile actor that's great at playing the pissed-off "bad boy" with sad puppy eyes. Sounds like Jason to me.

4. Tim Drake - Red Robin

Tim Drake has often been credited as the Robin that ended up most like his mentor. Dick Grayson isn't serious enough. Jason Todd kills criminals, so he's out. But Tim is serious, intelligent, and a great detective, just like Batman. After Bruce Wayne "died" (remember, these are comic books) and the Robins fought over who would become the new caped crusader in Battle for the Cowl, Drake put the Robin tights aside and became his own hero, just like Dick and Jason did before him. As Red Robin, he looked for signs that Bruce was still alive. He still holds the Red Robin cowl in the comics now.

Tim Drake has been 17 since the 90s - DC wants to keep their emancipated teenage hero, and it doesn't look like he'll be reaching adulthood anytime soon. Logan Lerman fits the young look, and he also has the black hair/blue eyes combo that's become Tim's (and a few other batfamily members') trademark. He's also proven his status as a relatable teenage action hero in the Percy Jackson franchise. He certainly seems like the perfect Tim to me.

5. Stephanie Brown - Batgirl

Another proud member of the Dead Robins club, Stephanie Brown has had quite a few different aliases. With stints as Robin, Batgirl and Spoiler, Stephanie is a crowd favorite. Her wit and humor are comparable to Dick's, and she has a spunk about her that you can't help but adore. Sure, she spent a little bit of time as a dead comic book character, but that didn't last, and I think she'd be fantastic in a Batman movie.

I know what you're thinking. Juno Temple has already been in a Batman movie. She had a brief role in The Dark Knight Rises as "Jen," but this doesn't mean that she wouldn't be a perfect Stephanie Brown. Her sarcastic, witty role in Dirty Girl sold me on her, and I think she's a great match.

6. Cassandra Cain - Black Bat

The stoic, mostly-silent, ex assassin Cassandra Cain has held the role of Batgirl before as well, but she was also an independent hero called Black Bat. Raised as an assassin and taught to kill instead of communicate, she's the daughter of master assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva. She works as a traveling agent for Batman and has developed strong friendships with the rest of the BatFamily.

You've seen Pacific Rim. You know just as well as I do how much ass Mako Mori kicks, and I think she'd be absolutely perfect for the role of Cassandra Cain. And is it just me, or does the above gif have the perfect Gotham City aesthetic? She's a natural already.

7. Damian Wayne - Robin

Damian Wayne is the illegitimate child of Bruce Wayne with Talia Al Ghul, and therefore was raised in part by his grandfather R'as. This means that he, like Cassandra, was raised as an assassin and taught to kill well before he turned ten, which is when Batman found him and decided maybe not being an assassin would be better for him. Damian was the Robin to Dick Grayson's Batman before he was Bruce Wayne's, but he does a pretty good job, even if he does occasionally get overzealous and stab someone.

Arsalan Ghasemi is the spitting image of Damian Wayne, and he's got that look in his eye that he might just yell at Alfred for telling him to put his sword away. Ghasemi has mostly acted in Iranian films, but he's expressed an interest in trying to make it to Hollywood before.

Who could you see playing a member of the BatFamily? Let us know in the comments!


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