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Lions-gate are to bring Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back to life with another Re-booted childhood treasure which is scheduled for 2017.

The Teenagers with attitude came to our screens in 1993 with a blast instantly becoming a phenomenon in both viewing figures and merchandising. Although the series was camp, over the top and cheesy, it made for one of the longest lasting children T.V shows. 22 years later the current Power Rangers Dino Charge is gracing our screens and even a small fan made film although graced with adult content still grabs attention from fans old and new.

The state of Power Rangers as a product is healthy and stronger than most children shows, the merchandise sells always and the fans are aged from 2 year old (my son) to 32 year old (myself) and beyond. Although each generation of fan have their own Power Rangers to watch the first series for me was the original Mighty Morphin with Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Billy and Zack, not forgetting Tommy as the Green Ranger. The current series is on netflix and watching them again with my son it seems that even today those very first episodes of the MMPR have captured his imagination as they did mine. Thats right my son looks up to Jason the Red Ranger the same way i did as a child, with excitement and adventure in every episode as well laughs with the comical duo Bulk and Skull the time gap of 22 years is not an issue.

Lions-gate know that Power Rangers can be a big money spinner for them and will bring in merchandising cash to rival the Avengers, this will be to much of a plus not to do a reboot. However. If this is all that its been done for then i fear we will have a throw away attempt which will fail to capture the magic.

This timing is perfect for a MMPR big scale movie, super heros are all the rage, but mostly dominated by one set of Marvel hero's. MMPR will give an alternative and some fresh faces to that heros factor. I know that DC are launching a new set of movies which will no doubt be huge successes but again MMPR offer an alternative which can ride the waves of both franchise's.

If Lionsgate were to do a heartfelt, bold story about six teenagers coming together, becoming hero's and saving the earth from alien threats each with their own complex backgrounds then it will suceed. But if its just another one dimentional hero movie with some kids who have giant zords and they win because they "believe anything is possible" then it will fail.

That been said the cast will make the movie and my choice would be as follows:

Red Ranger / Jason Scott = Robbie Amell

Blue Ranger/ Billy Cranston = Liam Hemsworth

Black Ranger / Zack Taylor = Dexter Darden

Yellow Ranger / Trini Kwan = Brenda Song

Pink Ranger / Kimberly Hart = Chloë Grace Moretz

Green Ranger / Tommy Oliver = Steven Amell

To much Amell, not enough Power? What do you guys think?


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