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(Warning - the following contains LARGE, HULKING POTENTIAL SPOILERS for Game of Thrones Season 6, including some mild references to the novels, and a possible return for a character long thought dead. Tread softly, and all that...)

Now, with all the speculation flying around about a potential return for -- the seemingly very much dead -- Jon Snow in Game of Thrones' sixth season, it's looking more and more certain that Kit Harington's fan-favorite will indeed be returning next year.

He, though, isn't the only long-time character who could be set for a shock return to our screens. Y'see:

Another Seemingly Very Dead Character Was Just Spotted on the Game of Thrones Set

No, not Robb.

And no, not The Hound (sadly)...

Instead, the character in question?

A certain, Tyrion-strangled young woman named Shae...

And, from the looks of it...

Shae Could Well Be Set to Return in Game of Thrones Season 6

Or at least that's what the actress who played her, Sibel Kekilli, recently appearing on the show's Spanish set would seem to suggest -- especially since she very much seemed to be getting involved in the production:

What's more, Kikelli's reported residence during her trip to the set...

...might just suggest that it was far more than a social visit.

What Could Shae Be Back for, Though?

After all, we watched Tyrion choke her to death at the end of Season 4 -- suggesting that a return in the flesh could be a little implausible.

Instead, then, it seems more likely that Kikelli is back on set to film either a flashback sequence, or -- perhaps more likely -- a troublesome vision for Tyrion. After all, despite his heavy drinking, the TV show version of Tyrion has thus far dealt with the death of Shae far better than his novel counterpart did, with the literary Lannister reliving his past traumas over and over again.

Could Shae, then, be set to return as a visual representation of that suffering, with Tyrion perhaps beginning to 'see' the woman he killed as he slowly works his way towards redemption?

It looks as though we'll find out...when Game of Thrones returns next year.

What do you think, though?



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