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When you started watching Naruto, you thought it was awesome; you believed it rocked; but you also might have thought, “Wait, Naruto has a refrigerator?” One of the mind-baffling questions regarding this amazing Japanese manga series is, ‘In what time period is Naruto set?’ Throughout the series, we can see TVs, earpieces, clocks and cameras being used. This refers to the point that it is not a story of the past. A possibility is that it takes place in modern time blended with a sway of Japanese culture. This may explain that why no armed weapons like guns are used in it.

Nonetheless, the population of the countries in the series is notably low and their territorial boundaries are entirely different as compared to our modern time. Hmm….Does this mean Naruto is set in the future? Well, the following facts say it can be.

Population of States

The population in Naruto is remarkably low. There aren’t many people roaming around. This is almost certainly due to the colossal wars that have taken place in its history. The most emphasized wars mentioned in the series are the great ‘Shinobi Wars’. The Shinobi Wars (four in number) are also called ‘The Shinobi World Wars’. Several people died in these wars. The First Shinobi World War ended with great damage to the five glorious nations and an armistice treaty among them. However, amity remained only for twenty years till the second war broke out. These were later followed by the other two Shinobi wars. The first two wars reflect the events of WWI and WWII as an armistice treaty was signed in WWI too, but WWII broke out within twenty years after the treaty was signed. The third and fourth wars may be referring to any future World Wars that haven’t occurred yet (and I definitely want it to remain that way!).

Man, I hate wars.
Man, I hate wars.

World Map

The wars also clarify the territorial boundaries of the nations. The actual World Wars are perfect examples of territorial evolution. The allies in the Shinobi wars possibly joined hands to eventually form into five superpowers.

The Five Nations
The Five Nations

The Bloodline Limit

Another key factor to be taken under consideration is that the characters in Naruto have special inborn abilities known as Kekkei Genkai (meaning Bloodline Limit). These abilities are passed down genetically within definite clans. Actual wars have proved to be devastating with long-term effects including abrupt mutations and child-birth defects. However, inborn defects in many people have also been known to develop extraordinary abilities, granting them unusual intelligence and bizarre talents. The numerous wars shown in the anime may be the root for the Bloodline Limit abilities.

Guessing from the above facts, in think Naruto is set in the future.


Which timeline, do you think, is Naruto set in?


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