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Any good horror movie worth it's salt will be released during the Halloween season at the end of October. So when the most recent scary flick "The Visit" came out at the start of September it's fair to say expectations weren't very high.

As a huge fan of the genre classics such as Scream, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm street and IT to name but a few I tend to go see the modern horror films more in a sense of hope than expectation that it will be good. I find most scary films these days focus more on a good line or advertising campaign that will get them noticed and not as much on the actual storyline or content of the movie. Being a big fan of the genre since childhood I find that I am more critical of horror films and form the opinion that the golden days of the late 70's through to the early 90's are long gone. And despite having much better technology and much bigger budgets they just can never seem to re-capture the essence that made the older films so successful. The biggest example of this is the desperate attempts in recent years to cash in on the long standing reputation of the classics with a whole series of sub-standard sequels and pointless remakes. Halloween, Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are only a few examples of terribly done remakes that have not done the originals one tiny bit of justice.

So for all these reasons I never had many high hopes when I went to see The Visit. The Visit is a film the follows the journey of city teenagers heading into the country to stay a week with the grandparents they have never met. Soon after they arrive a lot of strange and very unusual incidents start taking place and they quickly realise something isn't right. But with their mum, who hasn't spoke to the grandparents in years, away on holiday they have no choice but to rough it out and roll with the punches. The basic premise of the film is a good one and the storyline enough to keep you watching on to see what they can through at you next- even if some scenes drift far more into the slapstick and bizarre brackets than scary.

With more plot holes than scary scenes it's fair to say that "The Visit" will never be remembered as a classic. It's main saving grace however is the acting and the four main characters who bring a bit of humour into the film's very unique vibe.

All in all I will give a 5.5 out of 10. It wasn't a terrible film or the worst attempt at a horror I have ever paid to watch but sometimes the it just got far too ridiculous and descended more into a comedy for my liking. A bit more effort put into the developing the script and making a bit more credible could have maybe bumped it up to a solid 7.


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