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It's almost hard to believe it's already here, but we are quickly approaching the date that Marty McFly landed in the future in the 1989 film, Back to the Future Part II. As October 21, 2015 approaches, the internet is increasingly becoming a place for Back to the Future themed jokes and parodies. There's even groups on Facebook deeming October 21st as "Back to the Future Day," but not all of this stuff is fake.

Along with a parody trailer for Jaws 19, to be released in Holomax, we will soon be able to enjoy a Pepsi Perfect in the Cafe 80s. Well, maybe not in the Cafe 80s and the Holomax isn't real, but Pepsi has confirmed a limited release of Pepsi Perfect as seen in the movie.

PepsiCo Senior Director of Marketing, Lou Arbetter stated:

"Fans have always been a little crazy about it, so we wanted to take advantage of the fact that Marty traveled to the future, to this month, and wanted to actually come out with the product."

Pepsi will release 6,500 bottles of the commemorative design via online markets and is priced at $20.15 each for a 16.9oz bottle, which is a steal compared to the $50 Marty paid for his Pepsi Perfect. The actual formula of the drink will be identical to the current Pepsi "Made with Real Sugar" formula, so don't expect some wild new Pepsi flavor. The company is advising all of us to follow their social media accounts to find out exactly where we will be able to purchase a Pepsi Perfect. USA Today also provided that 1,500 bottles will be given away to Marty McFly cosplayers at New York Comic-Con this weekend.


Will you be one of the 6.500 owners of a Pepsi Perfect?


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