Byshomeli dey, writer at a way you subscribed, that is, in an arty way. Like more focus on the sweeping camera work, focus on expressions and body language and maybe tweaking and modifying the source scene to match their own context(if e l james does subside her control freakery :-P , to use her terminology ) maybe they don't need to show every sex scenes though, like the elevator one( where we discover christian's love for stocking on ana *pun*)....some hints or suggestion will work wonders to titillate audience.writers need to speed up christian's background introduction otherwise he will look deranged throughout the movie and not to mention make some good character background for anastasia as well ,otherwise she will look white-wash cut-out.showing her funny and spunky won't float the boat for long.

While I am at it let's just debunk the myth that is floating around that making jack hyde a worthy, handsome foil to christian will improve the movie. It won't. Because Jack in the book is creepy for a solid plot reason and the major adversery in christian and ana's romance in the first two books is the ability to move forward from pre- conceived notions of sexual lifestyle and relationship for BOTH of them.(i know, i know both!!??! But yeah, that discussion is for another day).


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