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Spoiler Alert

Jerome is Dead, so He can't be the Joker... Right?

Okay so Jerome was stabbed in the neck and killed. I really liked him and thought he would make a great joker. So I mean naturally If he's dead then he can't possibly come back to life because that's how death works right?


See you may be forgetting It's the DC universe and we have The Lazarus pit.

All we need is Ras Al Ghul to toss him in the pit, but first we need a ras al Ghul who knows him.

Then there is this guy...

Theo Galavan?

He is supposed to be a major villain in disguise But i can't think of anyone he could be outside of two people. Black Mask and Ras Al Ghul. We already have a Richard Sionis and that just leaves us with Ras Al Ghul. Where as normally Ras Al Ghul is trying to destroy the city to cleanse it but what if they changed that around a little bit? He would have the lazaraus pit where he could bring back villains that get killed. Really it would be a perfect way to get around character deaths.

Maybe his plan to cleanse gotham is more complicated than just kill everyone.


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