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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

The Internet was completely divided when Marvel announced that they had re-acquired the rights to Spider-Man from Marvel. With Marvel comics having two different Spider-Mans, Peter Parker and the newly introduced Miles Morales, many wondered who would be the Spider-Man we got on the big screen. While many lobbied for Peter Parker and some for Miles Morales to appear, in the end Marvel decided to stick with the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Many people were disappointed that Miles Morales wouldn't get a chance onscreen but recent comments from the reboot's director, Jon Watts, may give fans some hope for a Miles Morales appearance!

John Watts doesn't deny that Miles Morales will appear!

If you are a fan of Miles Morales' run in Marvel comics then you were a little saddened when you heard that he would not be appearing in the MCU anytime soon. Well, thanks to Yahoo Movies, when asked when asked whether if there was any serious consideration for Miles Morales in the MCU director Jon Watts had this to say :

"I can’t talk about that, because, you know, that will reveal too much. We're still writing the story…we haven’t finished all the way through the story yet, so who knows."

There is still hope afoot my friends. While his comments were not directed at any character and may be taken a bit out of context, if there was really no consideration - why wouldn't he simply shut down the question? Maybe we are looking too deep into his comment but he didn't exactly deny a Miles appearance so there is still hope there. It would be interesting, however, to see exactly how they would introduce him if they do.

How could Miles Morales be introduced?

There are tons of ways that Marvel could introduce Miles Morales into the MCU and I do believe that they should. Miles Morales reaches out to an entirely different demographic than Peter Parker, and could really expand the limitless popularity of the character of Spider-Man. That being said, Miles first came to fruition after the death of our beloved Peter Parker. It is unlikely that they would kill off Tom Holland's character so quickly since they would have little time to develop the character. I think if we do see Miles Morales in the reboot it will merely a cameo or a reference but it could lead to something bigger. I think the idea of having two separate Spider-Mans is a good idea and something I would love to see. Maybe Miles Morales is one of S.H.I.E.L.D's secrets and are keeping close tabs on him. In any event, I'm confident in Tom Holland and I think he will be a great Spider-Man for years to come. It would be great to see Miles Morales as well so let's all keep our fingers crossed. With great power, comes great casting decisions!


Would you like to see Peter Parker AND Miles Morales on screen?

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