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As a 12 year old you would expect that he or she would never be interested in such a show like "How I Met Your Mother" generally a 12-year-old will probably be into shows such as Bella and the Bulldogs,or Sonny with a chance for maybe Drake and Josh.

As interesting as it is you are wrong. I was told about "How I Met Your Mother" by one of my mom's best friends, Aunt Claire. She told me it was a very funny show about friendship and how it can impact your life. Of course as of 12-year-old I watch the first episode and was completely bored.

The first episode was about Ted Mosby, a hopeless romantic, who just happens to be an architect. He has 3 friends Marshall, Ted's roomate who is studying to be an environmental lawyer. (Personally his character is an amazing comedian.)

Lily, Marshall's beautiful fiancee who in the 1st episode looked like Pirates of the Caribbean. Last,but not least, Barney Stinson, a player who will do or say just about anything to get with a girl.You will see that this character will go to the extreme .

Soon enough in the 1st episode you will meet... Robin Scherbatsky a Canadian news reporter who is kind of a tomboy. As you go further into the series you will that the friendship and bond in between these 4 characters become stronger.

Like all shows, of course HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) there has to be drama. Sometimes it might be something minor like When Ted called the girl before the "don't call a girl before three days" rule.

Other times it could be a big deal like when Ted said the LOVE word to Robin on the first date.Either which way there are always funny moments in the show.Even though the show has made me angry constantly and left me questioning,it has helped with a lot of things.

Some things that I have learned are "Nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m. "(Even though doesn't exactly apply to me because i'm twelve.) I have also learned that everypne has flaws and sometimes it is better if you keep your comments on them to yourself because when its all said and done it doesn't matter.

My most favorite episode of HIMYM was when Ted got into a car accident.He almost gpt hurt and when the car was coming towards the taxi he saw a light.It wasn't your everyday turn on and off switch light.It was something different,something more.It was a light as in "in a matter of minutes your life could be over."

Ted said that in those kinds of moments your life doesn't flash before your eyes.You actually only see the people you love.He saw Stella and he said that at that very moment you realize how important a person is to you.

Even though I am a 12 year old I can personally say that this show has impacted my life in an amazing way.Now I feel like any obstacle that comes my way I can get over it with an episode.

Ted has taught me that even the minor details count when you are telling stories because it all comes together in the end.Lily taught me that It's nice to forgive those who have dissapointed and decieved you.Robin taught me just because you don't have the same intrests as someone doesn't mean that you cant be combatible for each other.Marshall taught me that singing can "literally" help you through anything.

Finally Barney has taught me deep down on the inside of a heartless person is an empty space that sometimes hiding or covering up things can't even fix.He also taught me that sometimes things a re better left unsaid. Now everyday I wake up ready to smile because I know that it's gonna be legend........wait for it.........dary.For that I give HIMYM a five star rating .


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