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Let's start this off by openly admitting something: Marvel's Netflix Original Daredevil TV series was a smash hit, despite not involving the Hulk. Its blend of gore and harsh reality really gave the MCU a whole other dimension, and fans of the franchise worldwide have had their eyes peeled for news on the next series of episodes Marvel will be throwing at us.

Luckily for us all, Marvel have begun to release teasers of their new Jessica Jones-based Netflix run, and both have been awesome. You can check the first below:

This one is a very general trailer rather than a teaser, really, but nonetheless is super mega amazingly awesome.

I would pretend I didn't react like this, but...
I would pretend I didn't react like this, but...

Not much later, the onslaught of minute-long footage clips began. They first took the form of the super-cool snippet 'Nightcap.'

Once we'd finished picking apart that one, we were given the teaser "Good Morning", which is, again, below:

Can you feel the hype tugging at your brain or what? Personally, I was already super excited for this series (and the excuse it would give me to order takeaway pizza), but things like these clips really stir the superhero-obsessed part of your brain. Which, for me, is most of it anyways.

Anyhow, just earlier today, Netflix sent out the latest edition the the JJ teasers, called 'Evening Stroll.' Do I really need to tell you it's awesome?

So, there we have it. The latest A.K.A. Jessica Jones teaser.

Yes, Tony, well dones are definitely due.
Yes, Tony, well dones are definitely due.

Let me know what you guys think of all these clips by taking the poll, leave your thoughts in the comments, or, even better - create your own post! Until next time...


How hyped are you for the Netflix Original Series A.K.A. Jessica Jones?


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