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Hey everybody and welcome back to Blue's Views. The column where the opinions are all mine and they essentially don't matter. That's right, like when The Rock asks you your name it doesn't matter.

Today we're looking at a bit of news that's been going around and I'm a huge fan of. Now, I'm sure you all know I'm a huge fan of Blue Beetle (You can go read my top five heroes article to get an idea of how much). One thing I'm just as big a fan of is Blue and Gold.

...Okay we've had our fun, but really I'm talking about this Blue and Gold.

That's right the team that puts the bromance of Turk and J.D. To shame. This team has had a lot of ups and downs within every form of media they appear in but apparently the heavens had opened and prayers have been answered. We...are...getting...A BLUE BEETLE AND BOOSTER GOLD MOVIE!

My actual reaction...
My actual reaction...

So you guys must know how much I'm anticipating this movie. Each bit of news that comes out I will be that one guy who over analyzes everything and makes wild accusations about what they're doing. But sincethey're just in negotiations at this point I'm just gonna have fun with this idea.

Now what's fun about this news is that it actually comes off the heels of Firefly, Castle star and King of Comic-con Nathan Fillion saying he'd like to play the Golden Boy from the future.

-Nathan Fillion at Wizard World Chicago

Honestly, this would be awesome casting. I mean look at the guy!

He can play the hero from the future to ensure the past with out any issue really. But...I honestly think there's someone that can do it just as well, if not better.

Want to know who?

That's right guys, Sean William Scott (Steve Stiffler) could be Booster Gold. Think about it, failed athlete, down on his luck when he was one of the big timers and honestly he could be a douche with a golden heart. Booster himself, Michael Jon Carter, threw games and bet against his team to help pay off the gambling debts his dead beat dad had accrued after years of gambling away the family money. Stiffler all over guys.

Of course Booster is just one part of the equation, guys. Let's not forget the awesomeness that is Blue Beetle. Honestly, the best one they need to use should be Ted Kord. Who should play such a man? Well...

Whole worlds of awesome awaits with this.
Whole worlds of awesome awaits with this.

James Roday

This had been thrown out so many times and I agree. You know why? Because it fits so well. Going off how he played the character Shawn Spencer on Psych we see him as this snarky but genius detective that him playing Ted just fits. Just tone down the snarky and up the genius and I promise you this guy can deliver.

Ideally, they should make this in a style of single movie for each, get the origins out of the way and then after that bring the two together for the super hero equivalent of the buddy cop movie. It's been done in some movies sure but, I think it would be awesome here.

Well, there we go guys. That's my thoughts of everything here but let me know what you think in the comments below.


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