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Ratings are important. Marvel fans would love to see each and every movie receive high ratings among critics but that is not always the case. But what if we helped out Marvel Studios and gave the films a predicted rating before they're even released?

I have been shaking in my boots since Marvel has announced its slate for Phase 3. As a huge Marvel fan, I have so many questions and concerns about each and every movie.

We've had some minor spills about plots and characters so I think we can legitimately predict how well these films will be received. Based on their predecessors success, what we know about the plot and the films hype. We can make a decent prediction about their ratings. So here are my predicted ratings and predicted financial/critical success of Marvels next four films.

Captain America: Civil War, May 6, 2016.


Cap 3 could quite possibly pass Age of Ultron's whopping $1.4 billion dollar box office gross. But, only if it is promoted just as much. If you look at the way Captain America: The First Avenger was promoted compared to the first Avengers film there was an obvious difference in advertising. So one has to wonder if Disney is putting an Avengers sized budget into this films advertising or a Captain America sized budget. If it is the former, expect one of, if not Marvels biggest blockbuster.

The main reason this film has the potential to blow up bigger than Ultron is its plot. Fans are already more excited for this plot than when Ultrons unfaithful plot was revealed. This film can improve where Ultron lacked in darkness and depth the two most complained aspects of the Avengers sequel. With that and the all star cast mixed in, (can't wait for Spidey) I'd say this film almost has a higher ceiling than Age of Ultron all together. But unlike Ultron, It will perform well financially and among critics.

Doctor Strange, November 4, 2016.


With Ant Man, Marvel has revived my hope for origin stories. They can get it right. But what specifically has me excited about Doctor Strange is Marvel's willingness to step outside of the box for the Sorcerer Supreme's coming out party.

Kevin Feige has stated that Doctor Strange will be Marvels introduction into its dark, magical universe. So it will be refreshing for general audiences and fans alike. But, I believe that may be a gift and a curse. It is no surprise that general audiences will have to do a little research to actually find out who the Sorcerer Supreme really is. This may be it's downfall, leading to a rather small box office success compared to other Marvel films.

So financially I'd say it will do Ant Man type numbers at the box office. Simply because it may be unfamiliar to general audiences. But critically with veteran stars like Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Tilda Swinton I think it's safe. I think it will be one of Marvel's most critically acclaimed films which may give way to bigger numbers at the box office.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, May 5, 2017


There's not much to say about this film. The original was a box office surprise and critically acclaimed to boot. There is no evidence to suggest this film can't one-up the original or at least stay on par. Fans have much to look forward to. Adam Warlock, Peter Quill's father, Thanos and another stellar soundtrack are all rightfully expected.

Fans and audiences should expect this film to be an obvious critical and financial success unlike its predecessor that was questionable until it's rise to the elite of Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

Thor: Ragnarok, July 28, 2017


Personally, this is the film I am most excited for. Ever since the vision Thor had in Age of Ultron there have been rumors going around that something major is going to happen in Thor: Ragnarok.

We may get to see one of Thor's biggest adversaries Surtur. Who had a major part in the Ragnaork of the comics.

Fans should expect a Winter Soldier like spin on the pretty much lighthearted Thor franchise we've seen. Fans have already committed to the franchise so expect a moderate success just like the previous Thor films. The difference with this film will be its critical success. This film will carry a heavier plot, with the ongoing story of Loki's betrayal. It will also have Surturs possible insertion and a possible introduction to Marvel's beloved villain Thanos.

Expect Thor 3 to be a usual success for Marvel but an unusual critical success and the darling of its trilogy.

Not Very Hard Thor
Not Very Hard Thor

Marvel Is On A Roll

Phase 2 ended with a bang with Ant Man. Fans should expect Marvel to continue to ride this high for at least the next four films. I do not see Marvel slowing down anytime soon. And all of the planned films look different and exciting in their own right. I predict that Marvels next four films will all be commercial and critical successes. Not only because on Marvel's tenure but because of the four's independent potential as films.

Each film has terrific cast members and great story-lines to work with. I don't think Marvel could fail even if it tried!

Look out for my next article predicting the success for the following 4 Marvel films!


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