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As possibly the biggest badass in Hollywood, actor Benicio del Toro exudes cool charisma. So it might surprise some fans to learn that he's actually a huge Star Wars geek, and not the kind that just says he loves Star Wars now that he's been cast in a role in [Star Wars: Episode VIII](tag:711868), but a legitimate, born and bred Star Wars fan from the time he was a kid.

While promoting his new film, Sicario (which is excellent), del Toro spoke with Empire Magazine and the conversation touched upon his love of the franchise.

I grew up with lobby cards of 'Star Wars' glued to my wall--back when they had lobby cards...[I especially like] the first 'Star Wars,' 'Empire Strikes Back,' and 'Return of the Jedi,' those three were movies I saw as a youngster that kind of marked me, especially the first one.

In case you're wondering, lobby cards showed scenes from a movie and were printed on thick 11"x14" stock, generally coming in sets of 8.

Like so.
Like so.

Now that he'll be living his childhood dream of actually being in a Star Wars movie, he was asked what he thinks director Rian Johnson will bring to the next film.

I think like a cool scifi realism, if I may say that, if that makes any sense. You know, I love his film 'Looper,' and his other work. I just like talking to him about the film. I think he's one of those new talented people that 'Star Wars' is hiring to infuse the franchise with new steroids.

Del Toro touched upon the fact that Disney is now copying the Marvel model for Star Wars in that it's turning to less experienced and/or indie directors to helm its blockbusters, thanks to their unique vision. It's a smart creative model as it ensures that the same movie won't get made over and over again, a difficult task with such a sprawling franchise.

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