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When you're in college, losing your student ID can be a mistake as common as drinking liquor after beer or spending full price on textbooks. What's much less common is having an A-list celebrity help you out of those frustrating jams, all while the world cheers you on via social media.

That's exactly what's happening today over on Tom Hanks' consistently hilarious Twitter. The actor discovered a Fordham University student's student ID while strolling in the park, and while most of us would ignore it and go back to kicking chickens, Tom has proved once again why he's earned his nice guy reputation in Hollywood.

He immediately reached out to his followers to track down Lauren

For some reason, it seems that Lauren doesn't follow Tom on Twitter (another rookie mistake, Laur'), which led to a hilarious period of time where his fans took it upon themselves to try and find her.

Though it seems that the hunt is still on, there is one majorly promising lead. Here's Lauren's friend Hannah, who may be the key to reuniting Lauren with her long-lost school badge.

Based on Tom Hanks' inherent awesomeness, I think it's safe to say that this isn't the end of the story, and it's only a matter of time before Lauren is able to get back into the dining hall without hiding behind her friends.

All thanks to the modern wonder that is Tom 'National Treasure' Hanks.

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