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(Warning: Potential spoilers ahead. I will try to keep them to a minimum!)

Love, Rosie is a romantic-comedy starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. The pair face many obstacles throughout the film, but somehow they always find their way back to each other.

This movie may be about a romantic adventure, but it also speaks on levels that every human being can relate to; this beautiful movie focusses on real life issues that everyone - or many people - face everyday. The challenges faced in this movie ranges from dealing with jealousy to the stress of searching for the right university. Complicated life events are shown within the movie, including finding your dream job and getting pregnant. My favourite sense in this story that intrigues me has to be the insight on the all famous quotation (incorporated in my favourite book - or not, I have a lot of favourite books...). "We accept the love we think we deserve."

Love, Rosie
is most definitely a touching story and I feel due to the amount of relatable situations featured in here, the obstacles that are overcome, and the problems faced, it can definitely be a tearjerker (or maybe that's because I'm a hopeless romantic and over-emotional). I feel like the characters have such great depth and detail that their stories seem real and you feel as though you are growing with these characters and you begin to hope they achieve their dreams. You begin to hope that they will find each other, and you really, really hate Bethany. In fact, you probably despise her!

Our protagonist Rosie is an emotional teenage girl who is obviously in love with her best friend, Alex, whilst he is oblivious. The fact that this girl is the main character probably helps you connect with her, as the timeline of the movie starts from when it is her eighteenth birthday, to when she is at least in her early forties. Surprisingly, the connections I have with these characters are huge regardless of how quickly the story progresses and I can't say that there was a single moment of the movie where I lost interest. It was insanely captivating and it is most definitely a movie I could watch again and again, whilst laughing, crying and feeling my heart break and flutter when the most marvellous of moments occurred on screen.

Set in England, and at some point in America, I am overjoyed that the main characters were portrayed by English actors. Why? Stereotypical English accents are not appealing, and in this movie the way us fellow English people speak is brought to light by the charming Sam Claflin and graceful Lily Collins - who both, by the way, played the characters to such a perfect extent. The two actors connected brilliantly and their chemistry helped make the film so much more fluent and enticing. The friendship formed between these two has definitely positively impacted the movie as the way they work with each other absolutely shone whilst they were on-screen.

Amidst all the humour, emotion was not forgotten and regardless of the hilarity of Rosie's clumsy mistakes and hauntingly hilarious misfortunes, we still had a fantastic amount of raw emotion to indulge ourselves with. I won't lie, there were certain parts in this movie where I had to pretend there was something in my eye (I don't cry at movies... Who does that...)

The settings were beautiful, I love that it was actually filmed in Britain and that there were several things in the movie that reflected life as we know it here in England. This movie shows the difference between America and England in such subtle ways that it is intriguing to see the similarities and differences in these two closely-related cultures.

Honestly, the only thing that really made me have slight problems with this movie has to be the fact that at first, it did not make much sense. Perhaps this is purely because of the jumping between different times in Rosie's life? The flashbacks were very quick and it was difficult to keep track of her age. Aside from that, I also felt as though Rosie's dream career - she wanted to own and run a hotel - was a little out of reach due to her lack of training, however she still achieved it. Also, some of the situations were exaggerated, but I understand this is due to humour, so I will let it slide. I suppose anything can happen, no matter what!

I feel that the moral of this story is exactly what the title reads. Sometimes all you need is what is right under your nose; this, I agree with 100%. As a woman who is now in a relationship with her best friend who has been in love with me for three years, I can confirm that the things under your nose (and the people) are the most life-changing, wonderful things to have in your life. This is why I give this movie a 9/10. Not only because of its humour, characters and emotion, but because it teaches us to pay attention to those around us, because sometimes they are exactly what you need for life to be all the more exciting. As I once wrote in one of my many, many books, I live the poetry I can't write, it makes life all the more fluent and Rosie's life is a wonderfully fluent poem that you should most definitely read if you are a lover of happy endings!

A touching story full of beauty.
A touching story full of beauty.

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