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Looking back on all the TV shows I enjoyed as a child, one in particular stands vividly out among all the rest: Courage The Cowardly Dog. There was never a cartoon I looked forward to more than this Cartoon Network original. That's saying a lot being that I grew up in the time when Rugrats was everywhere and the formative years of Spongebob Squarepants.

So, let me present to you, Cartoon Network, the many, many reasons why this beloved animated show needs to make a triumphant return to your Saturday night slot.

There's Nothing Else Like It

Never has been, never will be. Courage was the most original thing Cartoon Network ever put on the air and it was consistently one of their most watched programs. People loved the Burton-esque feel of the series, the zany collection of supporting characters that were just so unique in their creation, and the feeling of love and admiration we had for Courage every time the end credits began to roll.

Reboots Are Everywhere Today!

Especially on Cartoon Network. Classic series like Teen Titans have seen a return to the network with Teen Titans Go! A series that lacks everything but the comedy that made the original so fantastic.

I would seriously advise against going with the same format for the Courage reboot. Which happens to bring me to my next point...

The Programming Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

With the exception of Adventure Time, the latest slew of original content from Cartoon Network has just been absolutely downright awful. Shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, Uncle Grandpa and Clarence have showcased the desperate need for attention the network is currently suffering from.

There is absolutely no point to any of them. Nada. Nothing. They are as pointless as a broken pencil. Their sole purpose, to entertain the youth of America with bright colors and Family Guy-esque jokes, only further prove that Cartoon Network is out of ideas and no longer cares about providing quality children's TV.

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It Opens The Door For More Classics to Return

Think about it. Now that Cartoon Network is bringing The Powerpuff Girls back to the channel in 2016, why can't they do the same with everyone's favorite (Sorry, Scooby) crime-solving dog?

If you learn anything from Disney and Nintendo, it should be the one lesson that they have been capitalizing on since the nineties: Nostalgia Sells! Just look at Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Justice League — the list goes on and on. Cartoon Network in the '90s and early 00s were leading the pack when it came to original programs. And let's not forget the supreme awesomeness that was Samurai Jack. Thank goodness for Netflix.

A Movie Could Work Too!

Come on, this is the role Betty White was born to play. She would do an incredible job portraying Muriel Bagge in a live-action display of the classic animated show. And if live-action isn't the way you want to go, hey, you could always rehire the woman who voiced her for the entirety of the series.

The fans (including myself) would definitely be super okay with that.

Presenting Some Of The Best Villains Ever

Undeniable. Nobody did villains better than the creative team behind Courage The Cowardly Dog. These villains all had their own menacing theme songs, Bond-like names, and they were so freaking creepy. I can remember getting nightmares from one in particular. It was the Spirit of the Harvest Moon. It sends shivers down my spine to think about him even today.

It Had Heart — Something Cartoons Today Are Seriously Lacking

This show brought me to tears all the time! It just had the power to do so and do you know why? Because that's what the writers intended. They wanted to do that. They put so much effort into making a show that was not only funny and completely unique, but also one that tugged at the heartstrings as hard as every Pixar movie ever. That effort was shown quite clearly in episodes like "The Last of The Starmakers:"

And then there was "Remembrance of Courage Past:"

Take A Chance, It Will Work

There is so much more that can be explored with this show, whether in another run as a series or even a movie — the potential stories left to tell is near limitless. This show meant so much to so many people and it still does. It's presence on Netflix never goes without notice. So, take a chance, Cartoon Network, give the green-light for this Emmy-winning series to return. I promise you won't regret it.

Would you watch a Courage The Cowardly Dog reboot?


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