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Fans can now decide if they want to be on the light side or dark side with CoverGirl's Star Wars limited edition makeup collection. Unleash the force with the 19-piece collection featuring CoverGirl Supersizer mascara, Outlast nail polish, and Coloriscious lipstick. The collection comes just a few months before the highly anticipated next installment, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.

There is a light side (waterproof) and dark side version of the mascara, both black but each side features five iconic Star Wars quotes and logos.

The three limited edition nail polishes include a pearly Stormtrooper white, a deep purple, and a powerful bright as a lightsaber red as seen below:

L to R: Speed of Light, Nemesis, Red Revenge
L to R: Speed of Light, Nemesis, Red Revenge

Last but not least we have the 6 shades of long-lasting lipstick, 3 dark side and 3 light side. The shades include Dark Purple, Gold, Red, Lilac, Silver, and Nude. The collection of lipstick has a nice balance between neutral tones and festive metallics, appropriate for the C-3PO and Captain Phasma inspired:

As part of the marketing strategy for the collection, CoverGirl's global creative design director and makeup artist, Pat McGrath, came up with 7 Star Wars inspired looks including one featuring famous CoverGirl, Janelle Monae. Take a look at the ad campaigns below and be sure to takes notes:

If you want to get your hands on this collection, they came out last month and will be available until supplies last. You can buy them from CoverGirl online or at your local drugstore with products ranging in price from $5.49-6.99. The force is strong with these so go find them before they sell out. May the force be with you fellow makeup lovers and I'll see you in theaters December 18th for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens!

Source: CoverGirl, Popsugar


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