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Out with the old and in with the new. That should be the slogan for just about everything that Dan Slott has done since he stepped in as the main writer for the Amazing Spider-man. He made "Spider-Island" and "Ends of the Earth". When that ended he needed to really shake up the Spider-universe by killing him off and replacing him with Doctor Octopus. Fans went crazy but flocked to the book, and 18 months later, Peter was back in the costume. But, he was now with a new female lead who was also bitten by the same radioactive spider named Silk. "Spider-verse" came and went, Parker Industries came and went, and finally we were thrust into "Secret Wars". Now, what comes out of Secret Wars is still anyones guess, but in Amazing, we are in with the newest stories of Peter Parker and his worldwide industry of Parker Industries.

Dan Slott enters the action right away in the first issue as we don't even bother explaining how we got to this point. It does take place 8 months after the last issue, and I guess alot can happen in those 8 months. When last we saw, Peter had his company destroyed by The Ghost and he promised to rebuild. Well, rebuild he did and now his company is global, as opposed to only be centered in the United States. He is responsible for creating tech for all aspects of the world and also makes the weapons for SHIELD. Peter is now a really powerful and rich man, and thus has made a number of new enemies. So, what's every rich tycoon need? A super powered bodyguard by the name of Spider-man. Wait, where have we seen all this before? Oh yea, it was the basic plot of all the Iron Man stories from the 80's. Dan Slott shows no ill-will in establishing that Peter is the new Tony Stark in the first issue of this comic. Instead of being a basic hero with the proportionate strength and agility of a spider, he now also has enough tech to keep even Iron Man at bay. Is this truly the Spider-man that we have all grown up with?

All comics need a change at times. DC is doing it now in the Superman and Batman comics and it's quite successful there. Marvel has done it recently with their Captain America, Thor and coming soon, their Hulk titles. It's been hit after hit there, and only time will tell if this will also be a success. There are some aspects of this book that are good. For one thing, Peter still has the same Parker luck that has bogged him down for his entire life. That's seen when he has a meeting and he's doing the whole thing with his fly open. Also, the notion that Peter won't let his new-found success go to his head is also a plus, and he mentions again and again in the comic that he doesn't want to become the new Tony Stark. But, for every plus, there are also some minuses in this book. There is no reason for why the new villains in Spider-mans life are targeting him at this point. Also, the new supporting cast is there but other then their names, there is nothing about them that will make you remember them by the next issue. Sure, it's great to see that now Spider-man can tangle with foes that he has never fought before and team-up with characters that he has never had interactions with in the past, but, we don't want to see our favorite web-slinger get too lost in the present times.

Die-hard Spider-man fans from the early days will look at this book and be disappointed in it because it takes away greatly from the comics we remember from the 60's to the 90's. Again, times change and with that, characters also need to change. But, by changing do we also lose the character that we grew up with? There are 2 main cliffhangers in this comic that will give us future storylines in the series, and if anyone knows the "parker luck", then we need to expect that this business venture of Peter's will end quite badly. The art is a good addition to the comic as well, and nothing can be said badly about the beautiful cover that is supplied. There are also 5 back-up stories in this comic that are meant to introduce us quickly to the future of all the Spider-verse comics. I do feel that this first issue could have been better but at the same time, there's alot that can come out of these 2 cliffhangers. I give this comic a 6 out of 10.


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