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After a star's death, it only takes a matter of hours for theories to come through. However, many years ago, the stars mentioned below passed away. Even though it might have been a small amount of time until someone thought profoundly about their deaths, the passing of the years has only aggravated further people's beliefs on their deaths.

Marilyn Monroe

The world’s biggest sex symbol, a quotable star for young girls, an impactful actress, and one of the most famous and memorable stars of all time is surrounded by post-mortem controversy, like those on this list. Marilyn Monroe life’s end was officially declared as a suicide, having being found in her L.A. home. Her death was ruled as severe drug abuse, but many regard it as a murder case, due to her overwhelming knowledge. Her relationship with John F. Kennedy, as well as with his brother Robert, are rumored to be what ended her life, with the speculations of CIA and mafia involvement.

Elvis Presley

The 'King of Rock', is rumored to still be alive. Much like Monroe, his cause of death is stated to be drug and alcohol abuse, although recent evidence points towards a heart attack. Many believe that the legend faked his death as an elaborate scheme to renew his image and sell more of his music. Since his death, sightings of him have been reported, although today he would be 80 years old.

James Dean

Another legendary actor from the 50s, Dean is also said to have faked his death. Rumors regarding his death are based on the fact that his Porsche was not damaged enough to have caused him to die. This theory has only grown stronger with evidence that surfaced recently, demonstrating that he was going at a lower speed, as well as a witness that was present stating that Dean was not even driving the vehicle.

Jim Morrison

“The Doors” frontman joined the 27 club after his death in Paris on 1971. Theories suggest he died in many different ways, from inside a club to his own bathtub. This singer’s body is also thought to not be buried where it is supposed to be, for he might be alive. Supposedly, Morrison is buried in the exclusive cemetery Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. However, some hypothesize he is not buried since foreigners cannot be buried in Père Lachaise. There have also been reports of a man visiting the grave constantly to place flowers, but it is unknown who the man is. Other reasons this is believed to be truth are the disappearance of the person who signed the singer's death certificate, and because his girlfriend, the only other person present during his death, committed suicide days later.

Kurt Cobain

One more popular member of the 27 club is Kurt Cobain, whose suicide is thought to be a murder. The abnormality in his death is what leads some to believe he was murdered, for he had too much heroin in his system to have shot himself in his home as he was found, as stated by Love’s P.I. His escape from a rehab center, Courtney Love’s comments on his suicidal stage, and her hiring a private detective add to this singer’s mystery. The guesses are that there was a second character at the scene he drugged Cobain, and later shot him.


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