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Another year, another Far Cry announcement! Ubisoft's insanely popular franchise has gone the way of most game franchises by announcing a new game every year. That's not to say it's a bad thing, in fact, it's to say it's an awesome thing! The Far Cry games are something I look forward to every year!

Ubisoft definitely found the right formula for the games- by having a different location with a different set of characters every game, people will never get tired of them! And if you need proof of that, just take a look at Far Cry's newest installment, Far Cry Primal!

Don't tell me you're not already trying to pre-order this! Far Cry Primal is the newest entry in the Far Cry series, set to release in February of next year. It takes players to the Stone Age, where they'll ditch the usual FC conventions of guns and vehicles, and turn them in for spears and barefoot trekking across the wild plains of primitive Earth!

Ubisoft dropped some hints about some new project yesterday, before it was leaked that the project would be Far Cry Primal. Everyone assumed this would be some kind of Far Cry 4 expansion DLC- similar to Far Cry 3's Blood Dragon expansion- due to it not being a numbered entry.

But as it turns out, this is a full game! And since this is an actual full entry in the Far Cry series, there are a few things I hope Ubisoft puts in it to make it great! After all, the Stone Age is the perfect location to set an outstanding Far Cry game in- so they're obviously going to do their very best with this entry! So Ubisoft, if you're listening, here are 5 things I need to see in Far Cry Primal!

1. Lots Of Weapon Customization Options

There are no guns in Far Cry Primal, absolutely none. This is because back in the Stone Age, we didn't have the technology to create things like assault rifles and RPGs. We didn't have technology at all!

But don't worry, FC Primal isn't throwing you into the Stone Age without a way to defend yourself. Players will be able to craft tools and weapons with resources they find in the wild. If you kill a beast, say a mammoth, you'll be able to take its bones and use them to create spears, bows and daggers! This is incredibly cool, but I hope that's not it.

As cool as shaping the bones of slayed beasts into weapons to slay more beasts sounds, that really only gives you three weapon options; a bow, a knife or a spear. Previous Far Cry games had tons of weapons that you could customize, and Far Cry Primal should be no different!

I want to be able to customize my weapons, and choose from tons of customizing options. Why have a bow that shoots arrows when I could make a bow that shoots daggers? Or a dual-sided spear with red markings on it? The resources are limited sure, but I'm sure there's enough resources for me to be the Darth Maul of cavemen!

And why limit yourself to just those three weapons? You could make spears, knives and arrows out of stone, or make clubs and maces if you want. Or, if you're more of the strategic fighter as opposed to the usual "Bam-Bam!" caveman type, you should be able to utilize the various plants and berries to poison your opponent!

If you're going to put me in a world without the convenience of modern technology and weaponry Ubisoft, at least give me tons of primitive weapon options to choose from!

2. Realistic Survival

The trailer for Far Cry Primal showed us that we're going to need to carry a torch if we want to see at night. Similar to games like Minecraft and Don't Starve, you'll have to craft and carry around a torch at night, unless you want to accidentally run into the sharp end of a spear.

This an awesome survival tactic, forcing players to tread carefully in the night and keep an eye on their surroundings! But that definitely shouldn't be the fire's only use. The Stone Age was a cold time, and it didn't help that cavemen didn't wear a lot of clothing! People would freeze to death if they weren't careful. I think you should have to make a fire not only to see, but also to survive in the freezing night.

But why stop there? FC Primal should have the most realistic survival system ever in a Far Cry game! Again just like Minecraft and Don't Starve, you should have to hunt for food to survive. This would make hunting animals more of a priority in this game, as you would have to hunt for more than just a side-activity or for crafting materials.

You should also have to search for rivers and water holes to drink, and be careful not to drink tainted water. You'd be experiencing the everyday survival methods of actual cavemen, without all the actual dying of starvation or dehydration- how cool would that be?!

3. Smarter And More Strategic AI

The AI in Far Cry 4 were incredibly intelligent, but I just felt like they could have been better. You don't know how many times I sighed when my allies would get gunned down because they apparently took the same shooting class as the Stormtroopers!

In Far Cry Primal, I'd like some smarter ally AI. I want allies that I can trust, ones that will actually help me take out that enemy tribe, or kill that mammoth so we can all have something to eat for the night. It'd be nice to have them follow me, but only if they had the sense to be quiet when I'm being sneaky, and go in spears a-blazing when I yell "Charge"!

And it's not just friendly AI, enemy AI could do with some improvements too. I want to see them working together to try and kill me, coming up with smart strategies that will keep me on my toes. It'd also be awesome if they set up traps around their camps, forcing me to tread carefully when trying to take over their base. Will it make the game more difficult? Yeah. Will it all be worth it when me and my allies outsmart the enemy and take over their camp? Absolutely!

4. More Animals

Thanks to the trailer and the Far Cry Primal livestream Ubisoft had yesterday, we know that there'll be some really cool prehistoric animals to hunt in the game- as well as ones that will hunt you. Animals like sabretooth tigers, mammoths, falcons and prehistoric rhinos will all be prowling around in the wilderness!

But while those animals are cool, and will certainly pose a threat to you if you cross them, they're just the same old Far Cry animals with a different skin! Sabretooths are just tigers, mammoths are just elephants, and falcons and rhinos are just...falcons and rhinos. All of these animals have been present in previous Far Cry games, and to be honest, I'm getting tired of seeing them.

That doesn't mean I want Ubisoft to get rid of them, not at all. But I might welcome them with open arms easier if they invited some more of their prehistoric friends along with them! The Stone Age setting means that Ubisoft can have beasts that simply wouldn't fit in a traditional Far Cry game- mostly due to them being extinct. And there are ton of animals that existed during the Stone Age that don't exist today.

You should be able to hunt and fight off animals like cave hyenas, cave bears, long-horned bisons and the ground sloth- which was larger than a bear and incredibly deadly! Any prehistoric animals you've got Ubisoft, throw them at me!

5. No Recycling Of The Same Gameplay And Story Elements

As I said earlier, Ubisoft has found the perfect formula for the Far Cry games by setting them in a different location each time. But there's still something that might cause fans to get tired of the franchise, and that's the recycled gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I love the gameplay of the Far Cry series, but I can't be the only one thinking that Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 felt a lot like the same game.

Far Cry Primal should of course keep the classic FC elements like hiding in bushes and using noise to distract enemies, as well as taking over enemy bases. But Ubisoft should strive to make the gameplay in this game a little different from previous games.

One way to do that are the things I mentioned above. Having to craft your own weapons, hunt even more animals, and actually survive would certainly shake up the Far Cry experience. Facing off against smarter enemies would be a game changer too!

Another way to change things up is to not have a villain. There will be enemy cavemen, and of course nature is going to try and kill you any chance it gets, but that should be it. The story of FC Primal follows the hunter Takkar as he tries to find his lost tribe. That's awesome, but we don't need a primary or clear as day villain like Far Cry 3 or 4 had. It should just be Takkar, surviving on his own in the wilderness and fighting back animals and other cavemen hunters as he searches for his tribe.

So those are the 5 things I totally need in Far Cry Primal! Even without these things, the game already looks pretty cool! Here's hoping that FC Primal is the epic prehistoric survival game we want it to be when it comes out next year!

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