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(Warning: The following spoilers for 'Gotham'. Read at you own risk.)

"Do you want to know how I got these scars?"

That is one of the Joker's most famous quotes, uttered several times in The Dark Knight. Lines that sent bolts of fear down every opponent he came across. Lines, that would eventually lead to most of his victim's deaths. But why does he say those lines? Maybe perhaps because no one does really know who, or what, the Joker really is.

But Who Is The Joker?

That is a very good question, but one that I, or anybody else, cannot answer. The Joker is one of the only heroes/villains to keep their identity secret throughout the years. In fact he has kept secret for 75 years, when he was introduced in 1940, in Batman #1. But the question remains, who is the clowned prince of crime?

'Gotham' almost had everyone believing that it was Jerome. I even thought it was Jerome; his smile, the hair, even his personality had everyone thinking that we would be seeing Jerome taking the mask as the Joker.

I guess not though, because in last weeks 'Gotham' episode, they had Theo Galavan kill him off. If you haven't caught up to watching that episode yet, you shouldn't be reading this, but if you did catch it, you were probably as shocked as I was. How could they kill him off now? Well, maybe because he isn't the Joker.

Executive producer of the show, Bruno Heller, got a chance to sit down and talk to the Nerdist. When asked what the future plans are for the Joker, he said this:

"We're going to be giving you concrete answers to his identity. That story is going to come to a huge and shocking resolution which will explain the whole Joker myth and how it began and how the Joker came to be."

But Will They Really Identify Who The Joker Is?

If you are a Batman fan like me, you might be kind of disappointed by this news. The Joker's identity is something that (in my opinion) shouldn't be revealed. The Joker is the Joker, not somebody else. He IS the Joker.

But will they really reveal his secret identity? Maybe. I think they will do it in a way that people won't expect. A way that will make Batman fans, and 'Gotham' fans happy. I guess the only way to really know is to wait.

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