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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Age of Ultron!

One of the most shocking twists of Age of Ultron was the sudden death of Pietro Maximoff, a.k.a. Quicksilver. Towards the ending of the climax of the film, Pietro sacrifices himself to save Hawkeye from the line of Ultron's fire while the bowman was rescuing a young boy named Costel.

Quicksilver pushed the two out of the way of the bullets, but could not save himself. He looked at Hawkeye as he realized what had happened, said, "You didn't see that coming?" and fell to the ground dead. This moment hit many fans as a shocking moment in Quicksilver's story, showing not only his conclusion, but also his urge to do good. But what if Quicksilver's actions were actually inspired by something else entirely? A recently released deleted scene from Age of Ultron may reveal Pietro's true motive when he sacrifices himself in the scene below...

With the official Blu-ray of Age of Ultron finally being released, fans are now able to get a bit more from the movie by watching some of its numerous deleted scenes. One such scene shows a bit of exposition for Pietro and Wanda (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch), following them helping the people of Sokovia. Part of this deleted scene suggests a part of Quicksilver's life that was not covered elsewhere in the film that played a major part in his death.

This scene suggests that when Quicksilver sacrificed himself, he did not do it to save Hawkeye, but to impress this character below...

Though she goes unnamed, this woman appeared frequently during the course of the film. She was in the opening scene, the climax and appears during this deleted scene. Towards the end of the climax, she is seen on the small escape ship crying because her brother Costel is still in the city, who Hawkeye goes to save.

During the deleted scene, though, Pietro is shown actually having a relationship with this character. He is seen flirting with her and giving her expensive clothing from Paris that he had stolen as gifts, in addition to giving her a presumably stolen ball for her brother. Clearly these two characters know each other and Pietro is trying to impress her, most likely in an attempt to "court" her. This girl can now be considered Pietro's love interest.

This relationship between the woman and Pietro may have been what inspired Pietro to rescue Hawkeye and Costel. When Quicksilver rescued the pair, he likely did not realize that it would have been a fatal move, which would lead Pietro to believe that he would survive the rescue.

When Quicksilver dashed to rescue the pair, he may have done it more so to save the boy than to save Hawkeye, whom he had a negative relationship with anyway. Pietro did this to try to impress the boy's sister, who was the unnamed woman he was seen having a flirty relationship with earlier in the film. Clearly, this act of courage did not work out well for Pietro as he ended up losing his life.


The deleted scene not only gives us insight into Pietro, but also to why he ultimately gave his life at the end of the movie: To impress the unnamed girl by saving her brother. Of course, I may just be reading this all wrong. Certainly his urge to do good also influenced his final action, but I do believe it was strongly influenced by his urge to woo the girl by saving her younger brother.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Do you think Quicksilver unintentionally sacrificed himself to impress the girl?


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