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OMG! Last night's episode of Gotham was completely insane!

Here's why (and two things): When i started to watch the magic

show when Jerome & Barbara took over, i thought that "man,

those two were an awesome villain teamwork!" You know what i mean?

So today I wanted to review about Jerome & Barbara.

1st of all about Jerome: Man, I can't actually believe he got stabbed by Theo!

Why would he do that? I mean, I don't understand,

Jerome has got the perfect "joker" performance,

& especially that he still has "the smile" after he got stabbed.

So, the ambulance folks haven't cover his head so i'm

assuming that Jerome might still be alive or so. And i also can't believe

that the people are also doing the joker laugh because of him (Jerome).

I just know it to believe that i don't want him to be dead & I, there is

NO way i could not move on watching the show without Jerome.

Because i really, really love him being the future joker, it's never too late.

Jerome with the joker colors.
Jerome with the joker colors.

Now, for Barbara Kean..........

Erin Richards as Barbara Kean.
Erin Richards as Barbara Kean.

Wow! Can't you imagine? Barbara, having the inner villain inside her?

So far, she's been completely sick (as a villain). But my problem is that

since the 1st season was almost done, i haven't got a chance to watch

episode 21: The Anvil or the Hammer. And i got to tell you,

I really, never got a chance to record it or to watch it. But on the other hand,

did she really kill her parents? I mean, We all knew that she is a bad choice for

Gordon. If she haven't left him & make-up with Renee again, she wouldn't

have been. Cause now my biggest concern about in season 2

Is her rival between her & Dr. Leslie Tompkins. Oh man, that was insane also.

Barbara getting back with Gordon? Oh please, Barbara's the one who

screw up in the 1st place if she wouldn't have known better if she spotted

Him & Leslie kissing. I wonder, will Barbara stop being so evil & get help,

or she'll kept on going with Theo & Tabitha? Speaking of Tabitha,

I know that those 2-girls are getting along & being lesbians, But when

Tabitha spotted when Barbara kissing Theo on the cheek,

I think there's jealousy going on!!!!!!! But for now, love the episode,

But i do hope that if Jerome can be alive still & keep on going being evil

& hopefully, we'll see what happens next with Barbara & her

"Inner villain" sense of character.

Gotham on FOX.
Gotham on FOX.

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