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Imagine you are an actress who has the opportunity to portray a truly captivating and fun character, but there is one huge problem attached to your casting: You are a white actress who is supposed to represent a minority. A Native American, to be exact, which is one culture we barely see represented in film.

This is the exact situation Rooney Mara found herself in when director Joe Wright contacted her for his new live-action film Pan for the part of Tiger Lily.

"“It wasn’t great, I felt really bad about it. It was something that I thought about before I met with Joe. When I met with Joe and heard what his plans for it were, it was something I really wanted to be a part of.”

[Source: People]

But not bad enough to perhaps make a stand on this issue, perhaps use your celebrity to shed some light on just how exclusive Hollywood can be.

“But I totally sympathize with why people were upset and feel really bad about it."

[Source: People]

Come on, Rooney! I believe in you! Be the phenomenal ally you were meant to be. I know you have it in you.

Wright lamely attempted to explain his casting decision, but the subtext is really that he didn't seem to care about the lack of diversity and proper representation in the film industry.

“I thought about the idea of having a Native American tribe, and that worried me actually,” he said. “What would I be saying with that choice? So then I thought, ‘Well, where should they be from?’ And I couldn’t decide, so I felt like picking just one race would be an unwise choice. So then I thought about the potential of them being the indigenous people of the [entire] planet.”

[Source: New York Daily News]

Wright, that's not good enough. You know it, we know it.

So, Hollywood, when are you ready to step up? When are you going to be the ones to change the system? When will our voices be heard?

This isn't the first time people have expressed anger at an inappropriate casting. So why isn't Hollywood listening?

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]


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