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Who would ever thought that an ordinary barber, caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse that took Los Angeles by surprise, would be the MAN to save the day? Daniel Salazar is my hero. “Don't waste your bullets on me, you’re going to need them, ” as Daniel S. yelled to armed guards. More than 2000 walkers, released from a locked coliseum hall, slowly followed him straight down the medical military base for an all out assault. Wow. Never have I’ve seen so many walkers being paraded down the streets and used them as a weapon as Clark/Manawa family manage to break in the base. Troops, desperately shooting endless rounds of “hot lead” were in vain as the main gate falls. Certainly this finale season episode of Fear the Walking Dead ends with on a high note but leave with some unanswered questions

Daniel S. mocks armed guards as walkers approach.
Daniel S. mocks armed guards as walkers approach.

As the Clarks and Manawa family prepare to leave the city, stops at a medical military base to rescue Nick and Daniel’s wife, Griselda. Soldier hostage Andrew, conveys information in exchange for his freedom. Travis accepts the offer but later regrets it. In the meantime, Nick and Strand notice both military and medical staff scramble to evacuate the building and leave their confines. They make the mistake locking the hallway door behind them as the walkers move closer. As Liza O load the last supplies onto the truck, changes her mind and begins to look for Nick. With only inches from the walkers grasp, Nick and Strand manage to escape with the help with Liza ‘s access key and are reunited with everyone. Now daylight, everyone see the mounds of dead bodies, bones and ashes, back of the compound, where the hopeless are burned. With everyone reunited make their way to the ocean where Strand has a luxurious ocean home and a private yacht waiting for them.

Sunday night, fans of the show were on the edge of their seats. With more questions than answers, what will the group do now as they write a new page in their lives. Questions like, “With Daniel’s wife dead, will he leave the group and take his chances alone with/without his daughter? Will Madison ever trust her son, Nick, again? What about her relationship with Travis?” Travis, himself, for most of the series, played a low-key character who believed in nonviolence but now, punching Andrew an inch from his life and mercy killing his ex-wife, things will never be the same again. Nick, who cares. No zombie will bite that guy. I am very curious about Strand and his Abigail. So far this character plan of action is almost perfect but how? Who is he? Why was he taken prisoner by the military? Why is he so cool? Again more question to answer for next season # 2.


Hey Fear Walking Dead fan. What sort of of profession do you think Strand worked for?

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.


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