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The Pratt family, comprised of Chris Pratt, Anna Faris, and their son Jack, is known far and wide as one of the cutest families in Hollywood.

Not only do Chris and Anna gush about one another publicly and are clearly so in love, their son Jack is just the sweetest little guy.

In addition to having two of the funniest, coolest parents of all time, baby Jack is lucky enough to have a new friend at the Woodland Park Zoo. The two Washington state natives were recently asked to help name Woodland Park Zoo’s 50th Humboldt penguin chick.

The three announced the name they chose and why in this adorable video the other day. So, what did they decide to name the little chick? Trust me, it's better hearing it in Jack's little, excited voice.

Eagle the penguin might sound like an odd name at first (avian identity issues much?), but their reasoning is actually pretty great.

Chris Pratt later commented on the how lucky they all felt to get to name an actual penguin and Woodland Park Zoo thanked him for their contribution.

Anna Faris later went on Twitter to share the news and also explain that she knows how disgustingly cute the three of them are.

If you want to unofficially become a part of the Pratt-Faris family, you can donate to adopt Eagle the penguin chick and become an official ZooParent. The adoptions help the zoo give daily care to Eagle and other animals at the zoo, while also aiding in the conservation of animals threatened by extinction.

To learn more about how you can help Eagle and all of his friends at the Woodland Park Zoo click HERE.

(Source: Woodland Park Zoo, Twitter)


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