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A personal favorite of mine! Why I think Naruto is one of the best animes ever made!

1. Characters

The first reason on this list are the amazing characters. Naruto has very unique characters that are all special in their own way. One of the best parts about this is that not all the attention is focused on Naruto. Some episodes are even dedicated to certain characters and that's one of the things that makes this show so great. They make you not only focus all your attention on Naruto but they make you feel as if the other characters play an important part as well.

2. Change in Tone

Another awesome thing about Naruto is the change in tone. One minute everything is normal and great, but the next minute things could easily go from great to horrible and that's very important in not only this show, but other shows as well. It makes you feel as if you're actually experiencing these moments with him/her.

3. Villains

Next we have the villains! As we all know, villains play just as much of an important part as the heroes of the story do and I think Naruto is a great example of that. They are all very powerful and each unique in their own way. One of the great things Naruto does is really make you feel and understand not only the heroes but the villains too. Once you learn the backstory of any villain I can guarantee you'll almost feel more sympathy for them than the hero.

4. Fight Scenes

A bit more on the fun side we have the amazing fight scenes. Not only are the fight scenes great, but they're powerful as well, whether it be reason those certain characters are fighting, or who will even win. Another thing that makes these action scenes so great are the abilities each character possesses. One character may be a master at hand to hand, and the other may be a master at anticipating your next move. Overall, without these scenes the show wouldn't be what it is today.


Agree with my reasons? Why do YOU think Naruto is one of the best anime's ever made? (Comment below)

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