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The Walking Dead, arguably the most popular TV show on the air, is finally coming back! I am excited, I know most of you are excited, and it is actually coming back. I've watched this show all the way from the beginning; the ups and downs, the jaw-dropping surprises and the dragging dialogue. Personally, I think the show has only been getting better over the years. The fifth season is my favorite and I have high hopes for the upcoming one. Now is the time, however, to look back at the lives of Rick 'n the Group and pick out our favorite moments. There has been so many great moments-- and so many boring ones-- so I decided to break it down by season.

The criteria for this list is simple. I will be combining aspects such as intensity, importance, surprise, bada**ery (I don't curse), and albeit awesomeness to create the ultimate list of TWD Highlights. Who is ready for some Walker killing, morality testing, nerve racking moments from everyone's favorite Zombie show? I know I am!

Let's get started!

Season 1) "Days Gone Bye": Ridin' Around Atlanta

This scene is amazing and really set the bar for the show as a whole. It takes place right at the very end of the first episode, really giving the audience what they wanted. Rick rides horseback down the deserted streets of Atlanta, through the bodies and wreckage all around him. Everything seems quiet and empty until he turns the corner and sees a horde of Walkers unlike anything he had experienced before. Rick, and the audience, are stunned by the sheer amount of undead corpses. That shock turns into horror as the monstrous army overwhelms Rick, taking him to the ground, forcing him to fight his way to safety inside a nearby tank.

Runners Up: "Guts", Rick and Glenn Get Gutsy; "Tell It to the Frogs", Shane and Ed Get Acquainted; "TS-19", Escaping the CDC

Season 2A) "Pretty Much Dead Already": Shane's Barnyard Stomp

I am one of the few people who actually liked Shane's character; not on a moral level but he was very interesting. This is the Season 2 mid-season finale where Shane's frustrations start to boil over. Season 2 was super boring so finding the best part wasn't very hard. In this moment, Shane leads the entire group-- arming them against Hershel's will-- and massacres all of the Walkers in the barn. On paper, this sounds kind of run of the mill for a show about killing zombies. But in the moment, the fury Shane embraces really brings home the scene. It all ends perfectly with the murder of Sophia... at the hands of Rick.

Runners Up: "What Lies Ahead", Highway Herd; "Save the Last One", Bye Bye Otis; "Chupacabra", Necklace of Ears

Season 2B) "Better Angels": Rick v Shane

This is the real climax of the second season. During the entire second half, the two former-bestfriends are butting heads left and right. Finally, Shane has had a enough and takes matters into his own hands, stranding Rick alone in the woods and attempts to murder him. The scene is beautifully shot in a empty field and the actors really give it their all. The eventual demise of Shane was shocking. By murdering Shane in defence of his family, Rick takes one of the first step towards madness and his eventual brutality.

Runners Up: "Nebraska", Shoot First Don't Ask Questions; "Judge, Jury, Executioner", Dale's Voice of Reason; "Besides the Dying Fire", No Democracy

Season 3A) "When the Dead Come Knocking": Glenn the Barbarian

Up until this point, we all knew Glenn was smart and tactful but he was never quite as hardcore as Daryl, Shane, or Rick. But after being kidnapped by Merl and tortured for information, Glenn finally shows his true colors. Merl releases a Walker into the room with Glenn still tied to a chair. In one of the best action scenes in the entire show, Glenn breaks free and murders the zombie like a true bada**. He finally shows the brutality that he had henceforth been distant from. In order to save his Maggie, the former-pizza boy grows into a man. This was a hard moment to pick out because there are so many great moments from the first half of this season. The third season holds the record for most Walker Kills so its no surprise that this is one more example of that.

Runners Up: "Seed", Taking the Prison; "Sick", Sh*t Happens; "Say the Word", Berserker Rick

Season 3B) "Clear": Morgan's Madness

In this episode, we take a departure from the main storyline to focus on Rick going back to his home town. On the supply run, they cross paths with the now twisted, unbalanced, and murderous Morgan. Lennie James gives an amazing performance as the now distraught man who has fallen so far. The scene with Morgan and Rick alone takes a departure from the killing to focus on the characters; and boy does it pay off. Morgan gives one of the most well-acted, best written monologues in the entire show. We finally get a glimpse at the true madness behind the survivors and what the new world can do to an otherwise great man.

Runners Up: "Arrow on the Doorpost", Rick Meets The Governor; "This Sorrowful Life", Daryl Finds What's Left of Merl; "Welcome to the Tombs", Governor Opens Fire

Season 4A) "Too Far Gone": Tank Time

An action packed end to an action packed first half of a season. This moment is the culmination of all the build up in the fourth season. It has the Governor and his band against what is left of Rick's Group after an outbreak. The scene really focuses on the differing moral standpoints as Rick is willing to compromise but the Governor is only bloodthirsty. With moments such as Hershel's beheading, Rick's beating, and the prison's besieging, it's no wonder this is the highest rated episode of TWD. It's not only a great example of the action in the show but also a wonderful portrayal of characters in moments of moral junctions. The eventual death of the Governor as well adds onto this fantastic moment.

Runners Up: "Isolated", Rick Breaks His Hand on Tyreese's Face; "Indifference", The Banishment of Carol; "Internment", Everything Comes Crashing Down

Season 4B) "A": Joe's Neck

My word, the first time I watched this episode I was speechless after this moment. In the night, Joe and his group get the drop on Rick and his, ambushing them and beating them. As a man threatens to harm Carl, Rick finally, truly snaps. Joe holds Rick in close, taunting him, then Rick lurches forward and bits into Joe's open neck, ripping a chunk of flesh off. He then proceeds to murder and gut the man pinning Carl. It's such a great of example of the raw savagery that is necessary to survive in an mad world like theirs. The scene shows just how far gone the survivors have come and how little of humanity is left in them; which I find to be the most interesting part of the show.

Runners Up: "The Grove", JUST THE WHOLE EPISODE; "Us", The Walker Tunnel of Love; "A", Where are our friends?

Season 5A) "No Sanctuary": Carol to the Rescue

What a way to start off a season... and what a great season it was. Carol shows us all why she is so invaluable to the group as she single-handedly cripples Terminus and frees all of her friends; just in the nick of time. It's an extremely intense episode to say the least, starting with nearly every favorite character leaning over a trough, getting ready to be gutted. It's action packed, gory, exciting, scary, and full of everything you could want in a Walking Dead episode. Its full of great character moments as well as great Walker kills. It is the perfect season premiere and I'll be shocked if they can top it for season 6.

Runners Up: "Four Walls and A Roof", Massacring the Cannibals; "Self Help", Ain't No Scientist; "Coda", Bye Bye Beth

Season 5B) "Try": Rick Gets to Know Pete

This season was so packed with great and memorable moments, it was hard to choose one. So I went with my gut. When Rick discovers that Pete is abusing Jessie, a woman he is quite drawn to, he is forced to either let it go on or get physical. Rick does all he can to contain the animal within but after a furious and bloody altercation, Rick has had it with the Alexandrian folks. Rick hits levels of insanity that he really had only skimmed over before. He pulls a hidden gun on the people around him and he finally tells them what the world really is. Beyond angrily, Rick puts its simply how it has to be and we all loved it. It was such a high intensity, passionate scene that really gave the polarity between the survivors and the Alexandrians. It was just perfect; a perfect scene. Rick went full Shane, finally.

Runners Up: "Them", Fighting the Storm Together; "Spend", Eugene's Walk; "Conquer", Ricktatorship

There you go! My favorite and most memorable moments from all 5 seasons. It's just a little thing to tie us all over till next Sunday. I love this show, even through it's dumb moments or poor dialogue. I love the characters: Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Michonne... all of them really. As you can see I like the more crazy, violent, passionate parts of the show. If that isn't your preference, let me know in the comments! If you have better moments that I didn't say, add those in the comments as well. Really, this is just to celebrate The Walking Dead and bring us all together as fans.

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